QR Codes Embedded by USA Manufacturer Flexsystems USA Incorporated

As companies take advantage of QR codes in all industries, Flexsystems in San Diego is using its technology to embed the codes into custom plastic products, custom labels, clothing labels and promotional products for their customers.

SAN DIEGO, May 12, 2011 - As a result of skyrocketing smartphone usage among consumers, QR codes are increasingly being incorporated in marketing campaigns, advertisements and promotions. As a result, more and more consumers are seeing QR codes within the magazines, brochures and websites they read on a daily basis.

"We're seeing that people often get excited to scan the QR codes due to the mystery of what is behind them and to see what they ultimately reveal. To keep consumer interest, it's important that when marketers employ QR codes, they have a high-impact message to share. As the smartphone explosion continues - and because QR code technology is often cost-effective and easy to leverage - it's likely that QR codes will continue to increase in popularity," said David Marshall. Marketing Manager of FlexsystemsUSA Inc. "The codes can include discounts- but can be more beneficial as an 'added value' - for instance, additional product info, images, product reviews, etc."

Flexsystems in San Diego has been taking its customer's QR codes and placing them in their custom PVC labels. The PVC label holds the customers private QR code. Then Flexsystems can sew the emblems onto hats, bags, shirts, custom labels, luggage, badges, lapel pins, magnets or other promotional products that the customer would like the QR on.

Flexsystems can also put the QR code into a product. They can place the code into luggage tags, key chains, cell phone charms, earrings as well as hang tags. The process has been perfected after 17 years manufacturing in San Diego, California.

QR codes are not the only thing that Flexsystems has embedded. It has been able to take four color process artwork and embed into clothing labels, zipper pulls, hang tags and various promotional products such as key chains, magnets, luggage tags, jacket labels, hat labels and cell phone charms, headbands and dog collars.

Flexsystems also has embedded Holograms and used them as sew on labels for various hard and soft goods.


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CONTACT: David Marshall of Flexsystems USA, +1-619-401-1858, flexsys@flexsystems.com

Web Site: http://www.flexsystems.com/

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