Protocol Analyzer troubleshoots USB devices.

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USB-bus-powered, USB Explorer 200(TM) supports USB 2.0 high-speed 480 Mbit/s analysis. It is equipped with 2 connectors through which USB traffic passes for analysis in real-time on attached PC. Software interface makes relevant information instantly available for general review, while fields that are rarely used are hidden by default and can be revealed by mouse-click. With 32 MB of FIFO memory, analyzed data is transmitted continuously.

Original Press Release:

USB Explorer 200(TM) - Economical USB2.0 Protocol Analyzer

Pittsford, NY. USB Explorer 200(TM) is a high-performance, economical USB2.0 protocol analyzer equipped with innovative features useful to USB developers, making it the perfect tool for troubleshooting USB devices, optimizing data flow and USB training.

Built on the success of its USB1.1 predecessor USB Tracker 110, USB-bus-powered USB Explorer 200(TM) now supports USB 2.0 high-speed 480 Mbit/s analysis. With the widespread use of USB2.0, developers have for a long time needed an effective yet
economical tool to assist them in their complex development work. Priced at a third of other analyzers (but with more features and easier to use!) USB Explorer 200(TM) uniquely answers those needs with its powerful features and user-friendly analysis software - targeted at designers who are developing USB2.0 peripherals. The ease of use of USB Explorer 200(TM) means reduced development costs and faster time-to-market.

USB Explorer 200(TM) is equipped with two connectors, through which USB traffic passes for analysis in real-time on an attached PC. The software interface is optimized for rapid comprehension of USB protocol: relevant information is instantly alvailable for general review, while fields that are rarely used are hidden by default and can be revealed by a mouse-click. Advanced users can to go into more detail through several levels of abstraction, in a textual or numeric form. To make reading easier where there are several USB peripherals, transactions meeting certain criteria can be masked or color-coded. Now it is easy to distinguish between traffic coming from two different USB peripherals, or hide irrelevant transactions or even to eliminate traffic from hubs. Combining unrivalled user-friendliness with many innovative functions, USB Explorer 200(TM) meets the requirements of the most demanding developers.

USB Explorer 200(TM) features:
o USB 2.0 high speed (480 Mbit/s) analysis
Link Under Test connectors
o USB 2.0 high speed (480 Mb/s), full speed (12 Mb/s) and low speed (1.5 Mb/s)
o Automatic speed discovery of Device Under Test
o 32MB of FIFO memory - analyzed data transmitted continuously
Bus analysis
o Timestamp: 16.67 ns (60 MHz) precision
o Low-level errors: detection of bit-stuffing, CRC5 and CRC16 errors
o Bus states: detection and measurement of Reset, Suspend, Keep Alive and High Speed Handshake states

Swiss-made by Ellisys, USB Explorer 200(TM) will be available from June 2004 at $2700.00 including software from Ellisys' USA agents: Saelig Co. NY (585-385-1750; 585-385-1768;;

More: Alan Lowne, 585 385-1750 fax -1768 Saelig Co. Inc, 1160-D2 Pittsford--Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 USA.

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