Process Control System has open, secure architecture.

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Experion(TM) Process Knowledge System R300 includes Series C optionally redundant process I/O family with vertical design. Embedded cyber security technology prevents denial of service attacks and message flooding at control level. Product also incorporates automated backup and restore product as well as integrated solution that automates complex procedures. By capturing and implementing best work practices, controller also helps reduce shut-down and start-up incidents.

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Honeywell Reshapes Industrial Control with Experion PKS R300

Unique Vertically Designed Hardware and Enhanced Experion Platform Deliver Maximum Performance in Minimum Space

PHOENIX, April 27, 2005 - Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today introduced Experion(tm) Process Knowledge System (PKS) R300, featuring an innovative redesign of its proven automation and control platform hardware. Experion's open and secure architecture includes new embedded cyber security technology to help prevent denial of service attacks and message flooding at the control level. Additionally, Experion R300 has a feature no other competitor offers in its control system, an automated backup and restore product. And, to improve system uptime, the release includes an integrated solution that automates complex procedures to improve operator efficiency.

Experion R300 introduces the Series C optionally redundant process input-output (I/O) family. Using a unique vertical design, Series C I/O delivers wiring, maintenance and cost savings. Competitive systems are anywhere from five to 75 percent larger. As a result of the new Series C I/O vertical design, customers also can save in total control room build costs, which can cost as much as $750 per square foot to construct. In addition to I/O, this innovative vertical packing concept has been extended to the controller and the Fieldbus Interface Module, providing both with a smaller and higher performance package.

"One look at the new Experion controller and I/O design and you know it's the most efficient, logical approach to module design - and that there's nothing else like it on the market," said Jack Bolick, president of Honeywell Process Solutions. "We recently compared Experion R300 versus older technology at a customer site and found that we can increase flexibility and functionality and reduce the customer's footprint by 34 percent - a very significant savings. This new control hardware extends the benefits of the platform to our process knowledge system that has already proven itself at facilities worldwide."

Specifically, the Experion R300 platform delivers these incremental features:

o An additional cyber security layer to Experion's High Security Network Architecture, the Experion Control Firewall, further protects the controller network against message flooding and denial of service attacks

o A new "Backup and Restore" automated system provides automated disaster recovery - allowing customers to recover and restore their failed nodes in less than an hour as compared to days in some cases when manual back-up procedures are used. This is significant because each hour a production line is down can cost a company, as much as $25,000 an hour.

o A new Experion Series C innovative I/O form factor that makes wiring installation and maintenance easier, helps reduce energy costs and delivers maximum performance in minimum space

o Enhanced procedural operations that help reduce shut-down and start-up incidents by capturing and implementing best work practices. Traditionally, this knowledge is only needed occasionally, so it's easily forgotten, or it's leaving companies with a transitioning workforce. According to an Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium study, an average $2.5 million per year can be avoided by managing operating procedures.

"With the influx of commercial-off-the-shelf-technology (COTS) in control hardware, it is increasingly difficult for process automation system suppliers to add value at the hardware layer of the system, particularly at the controller and I/O level," said Larry O'Brien, ARC Research Director. "Honeywell's new vertical design is unique in the industry and provides the reduction in real estate and footprint that has increasingly become a concern for users."

"Honeywell's steps to address the issue of cyber security with embedded control firewalls and a more secure network architecture is also addressing key user concerns regarding the vulnerability of automation systems," said O'Brien. "By improving maintenance efficiency and reducing the number of system components, Experion R300 offers higher availability than before and the potential to help customers avoid costly unplanned downtime. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this release from a functional perspective, however, is the enhanced procedural operations. ARC definitely sees a continued reduction in workforce knowledge that can only be accumulated with experience, and capture of this knowledge will be essential for the future success of any process manufacturer."

Consistent with Honeywell's continuous evolution philosophy, Experion R300 integrates seamlessly with Honeywell TDC and TPS control systems, has access to HART*, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and ProfiBus devices, and provides tight integration with Honeywell's Safety Manager(tm) to deliver a unified TUV SIL3 certified safety system. Using Honeywell's PKS Advantage Program, customers can choose best-in-class field solutions that reap the benefits of integrating with a process knowledge system.

Experion is used in a variety of industries including the life science; oil and gas; refining; chemicals; pulp, paper; power generation; and metals, minerals and mining industries. Experion is used worldwide in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It has received wide acclaim from top industry sources, earning Honeywell Control Engineering's 2004 Editors' Choice Award and START magazine's 2003 Technology & Business Vision Award and Hottest Company designation in 2003 and 2004.

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