Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives encapsulate OLEDs.

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Dual-Stage Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive/UV technology employs transformable, 2-stage adhesive supplied in peel-and-stick, coated tape format. Once applied, in combination with barrier substrate, momentary exposure to UV light transforms adhesive into permanent bond, protecting against oxygen, moisture, and chemical damage. Optically clear, low-outgassing system is suited for display manufacturing and enables roll-to-roll manufacturing for discrete or multiple part assembly.

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Adhesives Research Showcases Valuable Adhesive Technologies at SID 2005 Show

OLED Encapsulated with PSA/UV Technology on Display in Booth

GLEN ROCK, Pa. (April 4, 2005) - Adhesives Research, Inc., a leading global developer and manufacturer of custom pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, coatings, specialty films and laminates, will showcase adhesive technologies for the display and touch screen industries in booth #227 at the Society for Information Display trade show in Boston, Massachusetts, May 24-26, 2005.

"Adhesives Research has developed an adhesive bonding material that enables alternative design, assembly and manufacturing process options for the encapsulation of OLEDs," said David H. Williams, Market Development Manager. Dual-Stage Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive/Ultra Violet (PSA/UV) technology employs a unique, "transformable" two-stage adhesive supplied in a coated tape format in an easy peel-and-stick method. Once applied, in combination with a barrier substrate, momentary exposure to UV light transforms the adhesive into a permanent bond protecting against oxygen, moisture and chemical damage and other corrosive elements. With the PSA/UV technology, the pressure-sensitive adhesive bonds instantly and maintains complete contact without the use of mechanical fasteners or fixtures. The optically clear, low-outgassing PSA/UV system is ideally suited for display manufacturing and enables roll-to-roll manufacturing for discrete or multiple part assembly.

At the show, in booth #227, Adhesives Research will be displaying an OLED test pixel array demonstrating encapsulation with Adhesives Research's PSA/UV dual-stage technology. This OLED was developed through a partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research in Potsdam, Germany. With partners, Fraunhofer IAP develops new materials and product processes to incorporate OLED technology into pilot products.

Also at their booth, Adhesives Research will showcase ARclean® 90178 and ARclean® 90176, two electronically clean, low outgassing adhesives with adhesive conformability designed for perimeter spacer bonding in resistive touch screens and other similar electronic devices. Adhesives Research's electronically clean adhesives reduce fogging and minimize corrosion, which preserves linearity of the delicate conductive oxide (ITO) surfaces and circuitry in touch screen devices.

Finally, Adhesives Research will be featuring its ARclear® optically clear transfer adhesives for display applications that are non-birefringent, with low haze (<1%), high clarity (>97%) and high light transmission (>95%). These adhesives all offer long-term durability and are environmentally robust, resisting temperature extremes, humidity and UV light. The ARclear® product line has been engineered to work in concert with critical display materials, films and other components.

Adhesives Research, Inc., is one of the world's leading independent developers and manufacturers of high-performance, specialty pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated products. Founded in 1961, Adhesives Research offers problem-solving capabilities and custom solutions in adhesive polymerization, mixing, adhesive coating and release liner design supported by extensive product development and analytical support. The Company's North American and Limerick, Ireland facilities are certified to the updated ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Adhesives Research's pressure-sensitive adhesives are used around the world in electronics, displays, wireless telecommunications, window fabrication and the pulp and paper industry, as well as in the medical diagnostics and devices, wound care, pharmaceuticals transdermals, and the cosmetic and personal care industries. Based in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, Adhesives Research also operates manufacturing facilities in Ireland, Australia and Colombia, has sales and marketing offices in Great Britain, Germany and Singapore, and sales representation in Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.

For additional information, contact Dave Williams, Market Development Manager, Adhesives Research, 400 Seaks Run Road, Glen Rock, PA 17327 USA. Phone: 717.235.7979; Fax 717.235-8466; E-mail:; Web:

Adhesives Research® is a registered trademark of Adhesives Research, Inc., for engineering and design services in the field of pressure-sensitive adhesives systems.

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