Power-Packed DMV-3016L Vertical Machining Center

West Caldwell, NJ - Daewoo's DMV 3016L vertical machining center packs the power to take heavy cuts in tough materials, the precision to meet world-class standards, and the speed to finish tough jobs fast.

Its massive, one-piece bed with box-type column is heavily ribbed, and preserves stability under rigorous cutting conditions. The fine-grain Meehanite construction dampens vibrations and helps dissipate heat, while extra-wide spacing of the linear guideways provides excellent saddle support, regardless of load distribution. The 36.2" x 16.9" table is fully supported in all positions, with no overhang.

A 40-taper, cartridge-type spindle is powered by a 20 Hp (15 min) spindle motor, and rotates at speeds up to 12,000 rpm. Power is transferred through a cogged drive belt, eliminating slippage and vibration while promoting thermal stability. An encoder attached to the spindle enables synchronized high-speed rigid tapping with a standard collet chuck. Tapping depths are accurately controlled and the need for special tap holders is eliminated.

High torque servos on the DMV 3016L couple directly to the ball screws to eliminate backlash and servo drag. Ball screws on the X, Y, and Z axes are center mounted, double pre-tensioned and supported on both ends by high precision angular thrust bearings. A portable, manual pulse generator directs axis movement in increments of 0.0001", 0.0010" or 0.0100", making fixture or part alignment quick and easy.

The DMV 3016L is equipped with a 24 station (30 station optional), double-arm ATC. A companion machining center, the DMV 3016Ld, is equipped with a 20-station, drum-type ATC.

Axis travels are 30.0"/16.1"/20.1" (X/Y/Z). With 1,417 ipm rapid traverses on the X and Y axes, and 1,260 ipm on the Z, and cutting feed rates of 315 ipm, popularly sized parts are finished fast.

The DMV3016L can be seen at Daewoo-Doosan Infracore's IMTS exhibit, booth A-8131.

For additional information:
John Ross
Doosan Infracore - Daewoo
8 York Road
West Caldwell, NJ 07006
(973) 618-2500

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