Power MOSFET Modules range from 50-600 A at TC = 80°C.

Press Release Summary:

Offered in SP3, SP4, and SP6 packages, 100 V MOSFET Modules are available in single switch, buck, boost, dual common source, phase leg, full bridge, asymmetrical bridge, dual boost, and dual buck configurations. With 12 mm height for SP3 package and 17 mm height for SP4 and SP6 packages, modules exhibit minimal internal parasitic resistance and inductance. Applications include motor control, power supplies, and battery-operated equipment from 24-48 V.

Original Press Release:

APT Europe Announces 100V Power MOSFET Modules in SP3, SP4, and SP6 Packages

Bordeaux, France... Advanced Power Technology Europe, a leader in power module technology is pleased to announce the addition of 100V MOSFET modules to the existing product range in SP3, SP4, and SP6 packages.

These modules are offered in single switch, buck, boost, dual common source, phase leg, full bridge, asymmetrical bridge, dual boost, and dual buck configurations. Current ratings range from 50A to 600A @ TC = 80°C.

Single switch, phase leg, and full bridge configurations integrate FREDFET devices for improved body diode recovery characteristics and better dv/dt capability. High current single switch modules are offered in standard with AlN substrates for best thermal characteristics.

With 12mm height for the SP3 and 17mm height for the SP4 and SP6 packages, these modules exhibit minimum internal parasitic resistance and inductance, offering high frequency operation capability. The use of PowerMOS V® FREDFETs allows operating in hard switching mode in the range of several tens of kHz without the need for series and parallel diode combination. All modules offer very low thermal resistance which leads to high current capability for a given RDS(on) switch resistance.

Key Features:
o Low Profile
o Low Voltage Devices
o Very Low Thermal Resistance For a Given RDS(on)
o Low RDS(on)
o High Efficiency at Elevated Switching Frequencies
o Space and Cost Savings
o Isolated Package - Easy Mounting

Main applications for this extended family are motor control, UPS, power supplies, and all other equipment operating from battery voltages in the range of 24V to 48V.

Datasheets and application notes are available to assist the designer, describing the features and benefits of these new devices in greater detail. These may be downloaded from APT's website at www.advancedpower.com or obtained from the factory.

Pricing for 1000 piece quantity ranges from $25.00 to $110.00

Samples are available now. Lead times for volume quantities are 8-12 weeks.

With Operations in Bend, Oregon, Santa Clara, California, Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, Boulder, Colorado and Bordeaux France, APT is a leading supplier of power semiconductors for RF, Microwave, Linear, and Switchmode Applications.

For additional information, contact APT at 405 SW Columbia Street, Bend, Oregon 97702
Phone: 800-522-0809 or (541) 382-8028 outside of North America; Fax: (541) 388-0364

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