Power Chuck ensures minimum deformation of workpiece.

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Featuring active pull-down force distributed on 6 jaws, ROTA NCS Lathe Chuck provides optimal plane parallelism and rectangularity, as well as axial run-out accuracy of less than 0.01 mm. Hermetically sealed unit is largely maintenance-free with all functional parts hardened and ground for optimal tool life. Available in 250, 315, 400, and 500 sizes, chuck features integrated permanent lubrication for constant jaw clamping force.

Original Press Release:

ROTA NCS 6-Jaw Power Chuck: Compensating and Precise

The ROTA NCS 6-jaw power chuck from SCHUNK ensures minimum deformation of the workpieces and allows high precise machining.

Active pull-down force distributed on six jaws, highest axial run-out accuracy and the best run-out. The ROTA NCS sealed 6-jaw power chuck from SCHUNK is a trend-setting lathe chuck suitable for demanding precision machining. With this latest development, SCHUNK shows users completely new possibilities for the highest quality in metal cutting.

The engineers at SCHUNK did an outstanding job when they developed the ROTA NCS. Thanks to the active pull-down effect, it produces the best results in terms of plane parallelism and rectangularity. The achievable axial run-out accuracy is less than 0.01 mm! Six pendulum jaws ensure a high true running accuracy and minimum deformation of the workpiece. The ROTA NCS 6-jaw power chuck is a superior lathe chuck for high precision serial production.

ROTA NCS with 6 jaws allows very precise clamping of noncircular components, making it ideal for rings and cast parts. Thin-walled workpieces are clamped with utmost care and with little deformation. The integrated permanent lubrication ensures a constant jaw clamping force and hence a permanently high level of efficiency. Hermetically sealed, it is largely maintenance-free. All functional parts are hardened and ground; which ensures a long tool life. With its low height, the chuck also ensures that there is sufficient space in the machine room.

The ROTA NCS 6-jaw power chuck is available as of January 2008 in the sizes 250, 315, 400 and 500.

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