Positive Displacement System lubricates pneumatic hand tools.

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Weighing less than 11 oz when full and measuring 3 in. long without fluid attachments, Mini-Piggy-Back Model 9470 is 100% pneumatic and uses compressed air supplied downstream from tool trigger. Fluid supply is contained in refillable and interchangeable clear cartridge that attaches with quick disconnect fitting. Fluid displacement can be adjusted from 0-.03 cc/min, and atomizing air can be adjusted or turned off for fluid-only delivery.

Original Press Release:

Mini-Piggy-Back 9470 Positive Displacement Portable Tool and Motor Lubrication

Grand Rapids, MI: UNIST, Inc. is setting a new standard for lubricating cutters on portable pneumatic tools. The Mini-Piggy-Back is a positive displacement system for the lubrication of pneumatic hand tools used in manufacturing and assembly processes. The Model 9470 is light weight - less than 11 oz. when full - and small - just 3" long without fluid attachments and less than 7" long with the fluid cartridge attached. It is designed to use compressed air supplied downstream from the tool trigger and is 100% pneumatic, so no electrical connections are needed. The normal fluid supply is contained in a refillable, and interchangeable clear cartridge which is removable and attaches with a quick disconnect fitting. This cartridge reservoir can be replenished using a 10PSI pressurized fluid supply. A remote gravity feed reservoir feeding one or more units is also a fluid supply option. The Mini-Piggy-Back can dispense a wide range of lubricants with varying viscosities. Fluid displacement can be adjusted from 0-.03cc/minute, and atomizing air can be adjusted or turned off for fluid only delivery. When UNIST Coolube® lubricants are used; the system contains an unconditional lifetime warranty on the injector pumps. The Mini-Piggy-Back 9470 may be attached to the tool body using a hose clamp or existing mounting stud. The system may also be configured with an optional safety guard.

The Mini-Piggy-Back 9470 will be on display at the Westec 2006 Exposition and can be seen at the UNIST booth # 3937. The Westec 2006 Exposition and Conference is sponsored by the SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) and takes place March 27-30, 2006 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. UNIST will also be speaking and presenting at the Near Dry Machining vs. Flood Coolant Technology Forum at the Westec 2006 Exposition.

Formed in 1957, UNIST, Inc. is the leader in the manufacture of fluid delivery systems designed to reduce consumption while improving all areas of operational efficiency and safety.

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