Positioning Platform is suited for 300 mm wafer metrology.

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Featuring 3-plate design and direct-drive rotation, ISM300 low-profile, integrated XY-Theta positioning platform achieves total surface access on 300 mm wafers. Maintaining constant orientation of patterned elements on wafer relative to measurement optics, integrated metrology platform achieves linear speeds to 300 mm/sec and combined XY-Theta repeatability of less than ±0.5 microns. Features include up to 150 x 150 mm XY travel range and rotation speeds up to 720°/sec.

Original Press Release:

Newport's ISM300 Delivers Fast, Accurate Measurements for 300mm Wafer Metrology

Irvine, California, USA - Newport Corporation's new ISM300 Integrated Metrology Platform is a compact, integrated XY-Theta positioning platform specifically designed for fast and accurate measurements in applications such as 300 mm wafer metrology; thin film measurements; overlay metrology; characterization of both patterned and unpatterned wafers; and other semiconductor applications. Featuring a unique 3-plate design and direct-drive rotation, this compact, low-profile system achieves total surface access on 300 mm wafers while maintaining a constant orientation of the patterned elements on the wafer relative to the measurement optics.

The stage stack is comprised of a direct-drive rotation element coupled to a unique 3-plate XY stage design. The system uses high-precision recirculating ball bearings offering low noise, long life and durability under high speed cycling. Each linear axis is driven by efficient linear motors mounted within a stiff aluminum housing. Linear scale encoders yield position feedback for each axis, providing excellent bi-directional repeatability and linear accuracy. Clean cable design uses negative pressure to minimize particulate formation or escape. The ISM300 maintains CE and ISO Class 2 clean room compliance.

The theta stage in the ISM300 uses a direct-drive concept that provides faster rotating speeds, superior reliability, and enhanced position sensitivity. The low profile design contains a high efficiency DC torque motor for rapid point-to-point motions or high-speed continuous moves. A glass scale encoder ensures good repeatability and accuracy. All components and cabling have been selected for long life and minimum wear.

Standard linear axis resolution for the ISM300 system is 0.1 µm; however this and other performance parameters of the platform may also be custom configured to the user's needs.

In making the announcement, Sam Banerjea, Business Development Manager, said, "Throughput, accuracy, and cleanliness were major design criteria in the development of this advanced process control platform, which achieves linear speeds up to 300 mm/sec and combined XY-Theta repeatability less than ± 0.5 microns over the entire surface area of the wafer. The ISM300 meets the demanding requirements of today's integrated metrology."

Key features include up to 150 mm by 150 mm XY travel range and continuous Theta rotation; comparably low profile and footprint; direct-drive linear and rotary stage components; up to 300 mm/sec linear velocity and rotation speeds up to 720 degrees/sec.; up to 0.25 G acceleration in XY; resolutions down to 0.1 micron in XY and 0.0001 degrees in Theta; and Class 10 Cleanroom compatibility.

For more information about Newport Corporation's semiconductor equipment product line, visit www.newport.com/semi.

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