POLYGUARD PFA Lined, Mag-Drive Gear Pumps from Liquiflo

Non-Metallic Wetted Parts with Metallic Gear Pump Performance

The Liquiflo POLYGUARD has NO metallic wetted parts, a mag-drive coupling with a PFA lined Containment Can and a stainless steel housing lined with PFA. Poly-Guard combines the chemical resistance of a fluoropolymer with the strength of stainless steel. Max temperatures to 200° F & differential pressures up to 100 psi.

POLY-GUARD Features & Benefits:

  • Internal/external protection against corrosive fluids & harsh environments
  • Stainless steel body
  • Fluoropolymer lined for protection against corrosive liquids
    • Exempt from wicking problems associated with fiber reinforced housings
  • Pulseless flow for metering & transfer applications
  • Self-sintered SiC shafts with exceptional chemical resistance & wear resistance
  • Alloy-C or carbon fiber Containment Cans lined with PFA:
    • Alloy-C can limits eddy current development & subsequent heat generation
    • Carbon fiber can eliminates eddy currents altogether!

Download the POLY-GUARD Pump Brochure: http://www.springerpumps.com/uploads/Liquiflo-Poly-Guard-PFA-Line-Gear-Pump-Brochure-6-12spr.pdf

Download the Labeled Illustration of POLY-GUARD Pump Flyer: http://www.springerpumps.com/uploads/Liquiflo-Poly-Guard-PFA-Lined-Gear-Pump-Illustration-6-12spr.pdf

See Liquiflo Pumps In Springer Pumps Online Catalog: http://catalog.springerpumps.com/category/liquiflo?

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