PNOZsigma Still Ahead in the Relay Race

In today's industrial environment, safety is no small thing. However, one of the best assurances of safety is a very small thing. It's the PNOZsigma safety relay, manufactured by Pilz Automation Safety, with North American Headquarters in Canton, MI.

Actually, PNOZsigma is a series of safety relays, with more than ten different models, ranging from S1 to S10. The smallest relay has a housing width of just 12.5 mm, up to 50% narrower than most of the standard safety relays on the market. What's more, just a few unit types of PNOZsigma safety relays cover a wide range of applications.

Jim Western, Technical Support Manager for Domino Lasers Inc. in Anaheim, CA sums it up well. "We prefer using the PNOZ sigma safety relays because unlike competitive products, the PNOZ Sigma line offers specific safety circuit functions that are more flexible."

In fact, the PNOZsigma series is fully capable of performing the functions of about 100 other relays, including such safety related functions as E-STOP, safety gate, light curtain or two-hand control on independent stand-alone machines.

The smaller size of the relays substantially reduces the space required for housing in the control cabinet. The multi-functionality means users can standardize on a smaller number of relays, so there are fewer to purchase and stock, saving still more space.

It's the combination of small size and broad functionality that make the PNOZsigma the safety relay of choice in countless automated facilities throughout the world. But the series offers many other advantages, including flexibility of installation and operation, ease of expansion, and fast diagnostics.

Mounting the Sigma safety relay on a DIN mounting rail requires no tools. The series offers removable wire connectors, that is, the wires stay with connector, so that reconnecting is a snap. When expansion units are needed, the sigma's innovative plug-in connectors require no wires, saving time and money.

Operating mode selector switches allow users to set the PNOZsigma unit to suit their own process and safety requirements, including operating modes, reset modes, time delays and timer functions. With only a few knobs and switches, sigma relays are able to identify reduction, delay time, disconnect or delay closure.

Jim Western especially likes the diagnostic capabilities the sigma series provides beyond the basic module on the panel. "The relay also comes with additional LEDs on top, providing superior diagnostic capabilities."

In fact, there are six descriptive LED indicators displaying switch and fault conditions so diagnostics are quickly available at a glance.

PNOZsigma safety relays were introduced in 2007. Today, they are still the world's smallest relays and more durable and reliable than previous relay series. They have several international certifications, including BG (Europe), UL (USA), Ulc (Canada), Gost (Russia), and CCC (China).

With a small wonder like the PNOZsigma, it's no small wonder that Pilz is a worldwide leader in modern security technology. The company, which has been in business for 60 years, also has a consulting arm that offers support for sigma relays and other automation machine compliance issues.

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