Pneumatic Bellow Actuators resist weather/acids/chemicals.

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Cylinders in BCS series are equipped with 1.4301 SS passivated plate, and are resistant to corrosion and acids as well as many detergents. Units have working diameters of 150-400 mm and, depending on series, strokes up to 273 mm are possible. Featuring diameters of 150-385 mm and operating temperatures of -20 to +130°C, BCE series include epichlorohydrin rubber that resists media, acids, oil, and chemicals. Used for angles of tilt up to 30°, both series allow forces of 0-71.2 kN.

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Flexibility Even Under Difficult Conditions: New Bellow Actuators from Rexroth

New bellow actuator series BCE and BCS from Rexroth.

Rexroth is expanding its product range to include pneumatic bellow actuators in the BCS and BCE series. Unlike conventional pneumatic cylinders, bellow actuators do not have a piston rod. The installation height of the actuator is thus significantly reduced, saving design height.

Bellow actuators are dynamically robust products. They are resistant to weather and many environmental influences. The new epichlorohydrin rubber makes the BCE series bellows highly resistant to media, acids, and oil, as well as many chemicals such as acetone, fuels, and grease.

Bellow actuators can also operate in difficult conditions. The bellows have no mechanical friction surfaces that move against one another, as is the case with seals. This means that the cylinder is wear-free even under adverse environmental conditions involving dirt, dust, granulate, and mud. Thanks to the new epichlorohydrin rubber, the latest BCE series bellow actuators from Rexroth can be operated in a temperature range from -20°C to +130°C.

The cylinders in the BCS series are equipped with a passivated plate made of 1.4301 stainless steel. This cylinder is resistant to corrosion and acids, as well as many detergents, and is thus suitable for use in the food industry, offshore applications, and the pharmaceutical and process industries.

The bellow actuators in the BCE series are available with working diameters of 150 mm to 385 mm; those in the BCS series come with diameters of 150 mm to 400 mm. Strokes of up to max. 273 mm are possible, depending on the series. Forces of 0 to 71.2 kN are possible with the product range.

Depending on the type, bellow actuators can be used for angles of tilt that are up to 30 degrees. As a result, costly connection elements and hinge constructions are unnecessary.

When not under pressure, bellow actuators can easily be installed with minimum height. That saves assembly time and expenses. The flexible bellow actuator can compensate for assembly inaccuracies.

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