Platforms isolate equipment from surrounding vibrations.

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Available in custom sizes or shapes with extra leg supports and cutouts or notches, 9300 Series provides omni-directional, ultra-low-frequency vibration damping as well as automatic leveling. It is composed of 2 in. composite layer between ½ in. top and bottom plates of corrosion-resistant steel. At up to 25,000 lb load, vibration isolation efficiencies can be as high as 98% for vertical natural frequency and 96% for horizontal natural frequency.

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Isolate Large Equipment From Surrounding Vibrations

BOSTON, MA - KSI's equipment platforms isolate large sensitive equipment from surrounding floor vibrations. Configurable for a variety of applications, the 9300 Series equipment platforms from Kinetic Systems, Inc., provide vibration isolation unmatched by other floor systems. The most advanced system of its kind, the platform offers omnidirectional, ultra-low-frequency vibration damping and automatic leveling while raising equipment only inches off the floor. Its proprietary airmount system provides excellent vertical isolation, while a proprietary tri-filar pendulum assembly provides stable cradle support for enhanced horizontal isolation. The pendulum assembly further improves overall performance by eliminating the need for the resonance-generating corner lift brackets used by most manufacturers.

Platform stiffness is comparable to that of a 3" plate of solid steel at approximately one-third the weight and with more efficient damping - vibration isolation efficiencies at maximum load (up to 25,000 lbs.) can be as high as 98% for vertical natural frequency and 96% for horizontal natural frequency. Vibration damping is achieved through the platform's construction, which makes use of the latest advances in composite technology. The standard 9300 Series Platform is a rigid, lightweight, epoxy-laminated "sandwich" - a 2" composite layer between 1/2" top and bottom plates of corrosion-resistant steel. The standard finish is black polyurethane, but to meet Class 10 cleanroom standards, platforms can be finished with either stainless steel or white epoxy powder coat. Platforms are available in custom sizes or shapes, with extra leg supports, and even with cutouts or notches. Nonmagnetic platforms are also available.

Applications include vibration isolation for SEMs, TEMs, CMMs, steppers, and mask aligners.

Kinetic Systems, Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolation equipment, optical tables, and related components used in a wide range of industries worldwide, including research and development, quality control, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing. For more information, contact Thomas Hoarty, Director Marketing/Sales, Kinetic Systems, Inc., 20 Arboretum Road, Boston, MA 02131, TEL: (617) 522-8700, FAX: (617) 522-6323, E-mail:, Web:

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