Plastic Valves assemble easily into manifolds.

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RDVM-1000 injection molded, Furon rolling diaphragm two-way valve and SMDVM-1000 1 in. self manifolding distribution valve have 100% PFA HP and Virgin PTFE wetted flow paths, visual position indicators, no exposed metallics, leak detection ports,and quick-release, non-metallic, eight-position mounting base. Both are available in pneumatically or manually actuated versions. Universal non-gender fittings allow connection without special tools.

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The Furon(R) RDVM-1000 And SMDVM-1000 High-Purity Molded Valves Offer Unlimited Capabilities

The Next Revolution in Valve Manifold Technology

GARDEN GROVE, CA (October, 2001) - Developed to provide a modular valve system that delivers outstanding performance, unlimited manifold capabilities, and requires no special tools or equipment, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' new Furon® RDVM- 1000 and SMDVM-1000 injection molded valves represents a fundamental shift in the way customers will order, inventory and assemble valve manifolds.

The RDVM-1 000 and SMDVM-1 000 feature a non-gender, close-coupled, space-saving design that utilizes Saint-Gobain's patented Universal Fittings, enabling end users to order fewer standard valve configurations and maintain minimum inventory requirements. Universal Fittings are available in 3/4" and 1" Fine Thread Flare or FuseBond port connections allowing custom configuration flexibility and cost-saving economy.

The RDVM-1000 1" Rolling Diaphragm 2-Way Valve and the SMDVM-1000 1" Self Manifolding Distribution Valve are ideal for applications that demand a high Cv flow factor (Cv-15), and are offered in pneumatically or manually actuated versions. The SMDVM-1000 offers additional third and fourth port configurations necessary for manifolding valve sticks. Combined with the RDVM-1000, the system offers unparalleled flexibility. When used in conjunction with Saint-Gobain's innovative Furon® Molded Valve Box Enclosure, the RDVM-1000 and SMDVM-1000 Valve System provides a robust dual containment package for high purity chemical delivery used in 300MM and LCD production, chemical distribution, and chemical processing companies. In addition, their smaller footprint makes them the valve system of choice for cost-conscious customers.

Assembled, tested, and double-bagged in a Class 100 Cleanroom, the RDVM-1 000 and SMDVM-1000 Valves feature 100% PFA HP and Virgin PTFE wetted flow paths; patented rolling diaphragm technology; visual position indicators; no exposed metallics; leak detection ports (1/4-28 UNF); and a unique quick-release, non-metallic eight- position mounting base. For more information on Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' Furon® RDVM-1000 and SMDVM-1 000 High-Purity Molded Valves, call us toll-free at 1-800-853-5661, or visit our Web site at

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Furon® is a registered trademark.

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