Plastic Enclosures protect against harsh environments.

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Industrial grade plastic enclosures protect bar code label printers and electronic equipment from harsh, dusty environments. Enclosures, offered in ABS, PVC, HDPE, or Lexan(TM) Polycarbonate, provide integrity and appearance of injection molding. Units do not interfere with data transmission on WLANs; are resistant to corrosion, dents, and scratches; and are available in Nema 12 or 4X designations. Insulated versions provide mounted heating units for protection in cold environments.

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Plastic Enclosures Protect Bar Code Label Printers from Harsh, Dusty Environments and Cold Temperatures

Chagrin Falls, Ohio-Qube Corp. designs and manufactures industrial grade plastic enclosures that protect bar code label printers as well as computers, touchscreens and other electronic equipment in harsh, dusty environments. Qube's insulated version offers additional protection in cold environments such as freezers and cold storage warehousing.

Qube's manufacturing process produces enclosures, available in ABS, PVC, HDPE or Lexan(TM) Polycarbonate, with the integrity and appearance of injection molding. These bar code printer enclosures also offer mobility and flexibility because they do not interfere with data transmission on wireless LAN's.

Qube's affordable, high performance plastic enclosures are more resistant to corrosion, dents and scratches than steel enclosures. Most models are available in Nema 12 or 4X designations. The Nema 4X enclosures will prevent any liquid or vapors from entering and coming into contact with the enclosed equipment. The enclosures can be easily configured for most bar code printers on the market today.

Qube's insulated enclosure for bar code label printers contains a mounted heating unit, which along with the insulation, protects the printer where labeling is required in freezer or refrigerated environments. Manufactured with high density polyethylene, it is resistant to dents, scratches and most cleaning solutions.

Several standard enclosures are available. Qube will also build custom enclosures for special requirements. Complete information on Qube Corp. plastic protective enclosures can be found on the company web site at or by calling 800-747-8381.

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