pinta acoustic's Custom WILLTEC® Panels Enhance the Atmosphere in Brasserie Bernard, an Elegant Parisian-Style Restaurant in Montreal

MINNEAPOLIS - Brasserie Bernard is a classic French brasserie in the heart of Outremont, a high-end neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Owners of several popular restaurants, brothers Maurice, Paul and Richard Holder knew from experience that acoustics are an important part of developing an ideal atmosphere. To create a space that allows for comfortable communication, the Holder brothers selected lightweight, WILLTEC® direct-apply panels from pinta acoustic, inc. In addition to providing acoustic benefits, the custom golden-yellow panels harmonize with the multidimensional painted ceiling and walls, and contrast with the black wood and leather banquettes.

“Several years ago, we received some complaints about the acoustics in our art deco-style McGill Street restaurant, Holder,” says Maurice Holder, co-owner of the Holder brother restaurants. “Jean Sebastien Marineau from pinta acoustic, inc. suggested custom WILLTEC acoustic panels. Once installed, we noticed a signficant difference. It became more comfortable for our patrons and employees to converse. When Paul and I were planning Brasserie Bernard, we decided to include WILLTEC right from the start.”

Brasserie Bernard has hardwood floors, oversized mirrors and dark wood pillars topped with contrasting golden-yellow tiles. Without an acoustical treatment, hard surfaces in a space will reflect sound energy. Excessive sound builds up and produces higher levels of background noise. This often results in people speaking louder, which makes it even more difficult to have an enjoyable conversation.

“Our painter created a unique texture and color by layering paints on the ceiling and walls,” explains Holder. “We provided a sample of the color to pinta acoustic. They formulated a custom coating that coordinated with the ceiling.”

Approximately 600 square feet (55.74 square meters) of the 2,200 square foot (204.39 square meters) dining area received acoustic treatment with 23.62- by 23.62-inch (600 by 600 mm), 2 inch (51 mm)-thick WILLTEC custom panels finished with a specially formulated water-based, golden-yellow acoustic coating. The panels were quickly adhered to the ceiling with pinta’s acouSTIC™ adhesive.

Smooth-surface, direct-apply WILLTEC wall and ceiling panels provide superior sound absorption and limitless design possibilities at an economical cost. ASTM E84 Class A, CAN/ULC-S102 fire-rated, natural grey or white WILLTEC panels can be produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses with square or bevel edges and color coated in a variety of standard, premium and custom water-based finishes. WILLTEC panels adhere to most substrates using pinta’s PA-02 water- or PA-03 silicone-based acouSTIC adhesives. If necessary, panels can easily be cut to fit on-site. Edge sealant is also available.

For information on WILLTEC and other pinta acoustic products, visit, email, or call 1.800.662.0032 or +1 612.355.4200.

Brasserie Bernard

Brasserie Bernard is Parisian-French restaurant serving lunch and dinner in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Situated in the heart of Outremont, a high-end neighborhood, Brasserie Bernard has a bar and a dining area as well as a terrace. The menu includes appetizers such as grilled octopus salad, fried calamari with grana Padano and classic beef tartar. Main-course dishes include roasted scallops, braised veal ravioli with porto, confit duck leg among others. Children’s and dessert menus are also available. In addition to Holder and Brasserie Bernard, the Holder brothers own Café du Nouveau Monde, Le 409, Le Darling, Le Majestique, Le Waverly and Le Confetti in Montreal.

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