Piezo Stage suits nanometrology and nanofabrication.

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Offering travel ranges to 800 µm/10,000 µrad, 6-axis Model P-587.6CD provides 6° of freedom, digital dynamic linearization, active trajectory error compensation, and nanometer resolution. Parallel-metrology design, where multiple sensors monitor moving platform against stationary reference, means that all motion is inside servo-loop, no matter which actuator may have caused it. Digital controller provides 20-bit resolution and comes with software tools, LabView® drivers, and DLLs.

Original Press Release:

6-Axis Piezo Stage for Nanometrology and Nanofabrication

Auburn, MA, - Feb 2006 - PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based precision motion-control equipment for photonics, semiconductor and life science applications offers its most advanced 6-axis piezo nanopositioning and scanning system, the P-587.6CD.

It was designed for high-end applications such as nanometrology, nanofabrication, scanning microscopy, optics and mask alignment. A number of features make it unique in the marketplace: 6 degrees of freedom; advanced digital dynamic linearization; active trajectory error compensation; millisecond responsiveness; nanometer resolution; and long travel ranges-to 800 µm / 10,000 µrad.

Parallel-Metrology Keeps all Motion Inside the Servo Loop, Provides Higher Precision
Developed for industrial OEM applications, the system also features an integrated AutoCalibration function for fast setup and interchangeability of controllers and nanomechanisms.

A parallel-metrology design where multiple sensors monitor the moving platform against a stationary reference was chosen for improved multi-axis precision. This means that all motion is inside the servo-loop, no matter which actuator may have caused it.

The parallel-kinematics, single-module design reduces inertia and the center of gravity for faster response and settling.

Typical Applications: Nanometrology, nanofabrication, scanning microscopy, nanolithography, head/media test systems...

Features & Advantages:
o 6-Axis design: motion in all degrees of freedom
o Advanced digital control with 20 bits of resolution
o Digital linearization improves dynamic linearity by up to 3 orders of magnitude
o Very long travel: up to 800 µm / 10,000 µrad per axis
o Frictionless actuators and flexure guiding system allow sub-nm, sub-µrad resolution, important for smaller feature sizes
o Integrated direct metrology capacitive displacement sensors provide higher bandwidth, linearity and stability than other position sensors
o Easy interchangeability of electronics / mechanics through AutoCalibration
o Award winning PICMA® piezo-drives for longer lifetime

Control Electronics
A 6-Axis digital controller provides 20-bit resolution and advanced multi-axis trajectory control. It comes with a variety of software tools as well as LabView® drivers and DLL's for easy setup, integration and system performance analysis.

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