Piezo Controller accelerates Z-stack image acquisition.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to drive PIFOC® piezoelectric Z-stack nanofocusing drives, E-625 nanopositioning controller provides better than 1 nm resolution and achieves 10 msec response and settling times. Product, equipped with analog and 20-bit digital interfaces, also integrates low-noise piezo power amplifier, servo controller, and sensor electronics for absolute-measuring nanopositioning sensors. It accepts 3 different sensor types and 1-4 channel combinations.

Original Press Release:

New Piezo Controller Speeds up Z-Stack Image Acquisition

Auburn, MA, - April 2006 - PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and precision motion-control equipment for photonics, semiconductor and life science applications, introduces a new affordable nanopositioning controller for high-speed Z-stack image acquisition.

Z-stack Image Acquisition: How it Works
High speed Z-stack image acquisition is the basis for the generation of 3-D views of bio-samples in high-resolution, optical microscopes. Conventional Z-drives use a motorized actuator and motor controller to create numerous focus planes during focusing. The individual "slices" are then processed with special software to form one 3-D image.

Faster with Piezo
Piezo controllers, together with piezo-actuated Z-stack drives, achieve significantly higher focusing speed (typically 10 msec vs. 100 msec) and resolution (typically 1 nm vs. 100 nm) than motor-drives/controllers and thus provide higher-quality images in less time.

E-625: Affordable Speed & Precision: Focused in 10 msec.
The new E-625 nanopositioning controller was specifically designed to drive the PIFOC® family of piezoelectric Z-stack nanofocusing drives from PI. It can provide better than 1 nm resolution and achieve very short response & settling times on the order of only 10 msec.

The controller also boasts both a high-bandwidth analog interface and a 20-bit digital interface for maximum flexibility. It integrates a low-noise piezo power amplifier, a high-speed servo controller and sensor electronics for absolute-measuring nanopositioning sensors.

Other Application Examples of the E-625 Controller
Nanopositioning, scanning and alignment tasks in microscopy, biotechnology, optics, semiconductor technology and photonic packaging.

Features & Advantages
o Ideal for High-Speed Piezo-Actuated Z-Stack Image Acquisition Drives
o Fast: 10 ms Response / Settling Time
o Flexible & Cost-Effective: Powerful Software, 3 Different Sensor Types, 1 to 4 Channel Combinations.
o Integrated Analog and 20-Bit High-Speed Interfaces
o Integrated Low-Noise Amplifier / Servo Controller
o For Capacitive, LVDT and Strain Gauge Position Sensors

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