Pick and Place Unit suits mid- to high-volume SMT assembly.

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Optimized for speed and flexibility, Hi Output Line features Cognex® flying vision-controlled MC683 conveyorized dual gantry system with 2 heads that pick as other 2 simultaneously place with repeatable accuracy of ±0.01 mm. Off-line loadable plug-and-play modular smart feeder trolley facilitates changeovers, while 10,500 cph placement speed promotes throughput. Automated, turnkey solution also includes automatic inline stencil printer, 8-zone reflow oven, and pass-through conveyor.

Original Press Release:

Manncorp 'Hi Output' Turnkey Line Targets Mid to High-Volume Flexible SMT Assembly

An automated turnkey line now offered by Manncorp includes a 4-head pick and place that provides assets of speed, flexibility and fast changeover. The "Hi Output Line" also includes an inline fully automatic stencil printer, an 8-zone reflow oven and pass-through conveyor, priced below $180,000 complete. According to CEO Henry Mann, "The 10,500 cph placement speed allows mid-volume assemblers to step-up throughput while benefitting from the increased savings and service advantages of purchasing the entire line from a single-source provider."

The pick and place features the Cognex® flying vision-controlled MC683 conveyorized dual gantry system with speed enhanced by two heads that pick as the other two simultaneously place with repeatable accuracy of ±0.01mm. Included is an off-line loadable "plug-and play" modular smart feeder trolley facilitating quick changeovers.

Every operational aspect of the line-balanced G300 fully automatic stencil printer is computer controlled. It includes dual motorized print heads and vision-controlled fiducial alignment, resulting in a registration accuracy of ±0.025mm. An automatic stencil cleaner is built-in. The CR8000 reflow oven ensures precise adherence to profiles with eight independent upper and lower heat zones and PID temperature control to 300ºC. Boards travel on an edge-pin conveyor adjustable to 450mm width (18"). The MC683 is coupled to the reflow by a pass-thru SMEMA-compatible inline conveyor with manual or auto bypass modes for inspection or mounting of special components. For details, manncorp.com/turnkey/index.php?auto=done

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