Photodiodes offer active area of 1.35 x 0.76 mm.

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Series ODD-1 silicon photodiodes feature low dark current and responsivity of 400-1,100 nm. Thermal parameters range from -55 to 100°C for storage and operating, with lead soldering temperature of 240°C. TO-18 packaging makes units suited for standard commercial products and industrial photo controls. Case-isolated packaging is available.

Original Press Release:

Opto Diode Offers New High-Performance US Made Photodiodes at Off-Shore Prices

Newbury Park, CA - August 24, 2004 - Opto Diode Corporation now offers U.S. manufactured photodiodes, specifically designed to provide high-quality, high-reliability performance at prices previously only available with lower end off-shore product. The new high performance silicon PIN ODD-1 (1mm²) photodiodes are priced at only $1.20 each for 1000 units. High volume quantities are available with a stock to 2 week shipping schedule directly from Opto Diode's Southern California facility.

The new ODD-1 photodetector features excellent responsivity of 400 nm to 1100 nm, low dark current and an active area of 1.35mm x 0.76mm. High performance specs, value- pricing, and the TO-18 packaging make these ideal for use in standard commercial products and industrial photo controls. The thermal parameters range from -55 degrees to 100 degrees C for storage and operating, a maximum junction temperature of 100 degrees C, and a lead soldering temperature of 240 degrees C. Case-isolated packaging is also available, upon request.

Opto Diode Corporation, a leading supplier of LEDs since 1981, introduced their line of high performance silicon and specialty photodiodes in June, 2004. The company also continues to offer a full catalog of high quality, infrared and visible LEDs, standard and custom products, all manufactured domestically.

Opto Diode Corporation (, based in Newbury Park, California, has been supplying the global market with reliable, high quality infrared (IR) LEDs and custom LEDs in the visible range since 1981. The Company recently introduced a new family of products: High-performance photodetectors, both standard and custom devices that are also manufactured at the U.S. facility. Opto Diode's signature high standards and uncompromising attention to quality and detail inherent in the LEDs, are now incorporated in the new photodetectors product line. Opto Diode's domestic U. S. plant offers short lead times, excellent quality and demanding standards to meet your strictest requirements. For more information, please visit:

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