People Counting System enhances building intelligence.

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Accurate in all lighting conditions, Irisys IRC 3020 People Counter automates counting of people entering or exiting building by detecting their body heat. Real-time occupancy is delivered on BACnet to any BAS, enabling system to trigger HVAC controls. Facilitating operations planning and energy conservation, integrated Smart Building solution can be used to understand occupancy, conversions, and traffic as well as plan product placements and staff deployment.

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People Counting - Smart Building Solutions

People Counting provides accurate occupancy data to a BAS system using BACnet, Modbus, JSON, SNMP and etc in buildings to plan operations and save energy cost.

Vancouver, BC — People Counting Technology is a simple system that automates counting the number of people entering through an entrance or exit. People counting solutions have been in the market for over a decade with major retailers, casinos, shopping malls, building management as well as libraries using this technology to understand:


•Traffic Patterns

•Justify funding requests and usage

•Modify product placements / pricing

•Launch promotions

• Plan staff deployment

Why Count in Buildings:

•Understand traffic flow - movement of people IN and OUT of the building – floor - room

• Understand occupancy levels in a room – floor - building

•Control Ventilation System based on actual occupancy

•React faster to changes in the IAQ (Internal Air Quality)

•Interface with any 'Building Automation System' (BAS)

One of the extended uses of Real-Time Occupancy is BACnet or Modbus Integration. Real-Time occupancy is delivered on BACnet to any BAS, enabling the system to trigger controls on buildings HVAC. All data delivered in user-defined time intervals and the data is viewable as objects once discovered by any BACnet client.

The Irisys IRC 3020 People Counter is a new integrated Smart Building solution that helps property and building managers generate huge savings on their energy bills. The Gateway, developed as a joint venture between Chipkin Automation Systems and Feedback Solutions, is among the first Smart Building systems to integrate thermal People Counting technology.

"The Gateway brings to life the newest generation of Smart Building technology," says Jeff Riordan, business development director for Irisys. "The introduction of People Counting data into this system gives it more advanced capabilities – and more opportunities to cut a facility's energy consumption and operating costs."

A thermal People Counting solution detects building users by their body heat and is well suited for Smart Building technology because of its accuracy in all lighting conditions; minimal energy requirements; and ease of set-up and maintenance.

Chipkin Automation Systems, headed by President Peter Chipkin, has a demonstrated track record of providing highly effective integration interfaces and deep expertise developing and deploying remote monitoring, control and integration solutions. Visit for more information.

Feedback Solutions is headed by Chandan Chowdhury, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of international experience in the People Counting market. Visit for more information.

Irisys is a global innovator in award-winning technologies that make a significant, measurable impact on business efficiency and improve the quality of people’s lives. Irisys is the global leader in people counting technologies and real-time checkout management solutions. Learn more at

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Established in 2000, CAS is a specialist engineering consultancy providing services that are currently focused on system integration and Protocol Conversion.

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