Pentagonal Face Mills work with variety of materials.

Press Release Summary:

ValMILL(TM) V555 Series inserts feature pentagonal shape with 5 cutting edges. Available in 6 cutter body diameters from 2-6 inches, products require 4-9 inserts each. Recommended max rpm ranges from 19,000-9,000, and depth of cut is 0.200 in. Suited for roughing, semi-finishing, and finish face or surface milling applications, face mills deliver consistent dimensional and surface qualities to parts. Inserts, mounted in cutter body, develop ~25° effective cutting angle.

Original Press Release:

New Valenite ValMILL(TM) V555 Pentagonal Face Mills are a Cutting Edge Ahead

A versatile face milling system incorporates inserts with five cutting edges to lower tooling costs plus provides higher strength, durability, performance and flexibility

At IMTS '04, Valenite introduced the new ValMILL(TM) V555 Series of face mills-the advanced system of inserts featuring a pentagonal shape with five cutting edges that gives users an additional index, and a cutter body design that adds strength, stability and rigidity to milling operations. The series is ideal for roughing, semi-finishing and finish face or surface milling applications. When compared to conventional four-edged square inserts, the V555 Series inserts provide improved tooling economies as the five edges provide an immediate opportunity for a 20% increase in the number of parts machined per insert. At the same time, the enhanced cutting performance delivers consistent dimensional and surface qualities to parts and can broaden the work range of even lower-powered machines... while working with steels, stainless steels, aluminum, non-ferrous and many heat-resistant materials.

Cutting is improved through the pentagonal shape of the insert and insert seat on the body that increases the size of load bearing surfaces and keeps the mounting surfaces closer to the cutting action. The larger mass of the insert...approximately 30% more carbide than comparable size square inserts...contributes to substantially longer tool life and helps protect the cutter body from damage. The inserts, mounted in the cutter body, develop an approximate 25° effective cutting angle that minimizes load force, which in turn promotes cleaner, smoother cutting action.

To further improve operational results, the V555 is designed to work with Valenite's shower-head coolant screws, assuring ample coolant distribution to each insert and chip formation zone.

The ValMILL V555 Series is available in six cutter body diameters, ranging from 2 to 6 inches, requiring from four to nine inserts each. Recommended maximum RPMs range from 19,000 for the 2-inch unit to 9,000 for the 6-inch size. Depth of cut throughout the series of tooling is 0.200 inches (5.5 mm).

Inserts for use in the V555 System include VP5020 and VP5040 multi-layer PVD TiAlN/TiN coated grades, a TiN/Al2O3/TiCN CVD VP5135 coated grade for tough machining and VPUK20 an uncoated grade for finishing, semi-finishing and general milling of cast irons, high temperature alloys, aluminum and non-ferrous materials. The grades, combined with three distinct top-form geometries, provide combinations to cover the range of part materials. Insert mounting is secured using the advanced Torx Plus® locking screw and driver system.

As with all Valenite products, the ValMILL V555 pentagonal face mills are backed by the company's top-rated Customer Service for ordering, pricing and delivery scheduling, plus a technical support staff offering continuously updated product and application data, and recommendations to optimize metal cutting productivity.

Valenite, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan with sales and service operations worldwide, is one of the largest suppliers of industrial cutting tools in the world. The company offers a complete line of standard and special indexable-insert turning, milling, grooving, threading, boring and drilling products to a variety of industries. Its product line also includes the VALCOOL® line of cutting fluids. In addition, special high-production tooling for custom machining systems is produced under the MODCO® name and a full range of inline, process and bench gaging systems is produced under the GAGING Systems name.

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