PCI DI/DO Cards offer 128 digital input/output channels.

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Models PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO are digital input/output cards with universal PCI bus, BoardID(TM) switch, and high-voltage isolation. PCI-1758UDI has interrupt function for each of 128 digital input channels and digital filter function, which provides de-bouncing for switches and relays. PCI-1758UDO features watchdog timer and user-configurable power-up states. Both cards support systems with 5 or 3.3 V signaling and can withstand up to 2,500 Vdc.

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Isolated 128-Channel Universal PCI DI/DO Cards Released by Advantech

High-density isolated cards allow more applications at once

Cincinnati, Ohio (September 15, 2004) - Advantech Corporation, Industrial Automation group is proud to release two high-density isolated digital input/output cards, the PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO. These cards make it possible to supervise and control more industrial applications at once. PCI-1758UDI features interrupt and digital filter functions for each channel, while the PCI-1758UDO features a watchdog timer and programmable power-up status functions.

Both the PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO have a universal PCI bus, a wide input/output range and a BoardID(TM) switch for flexibility and easier installation. High-voltage isolation makes the PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO work reliably in industrial environments.

The PCI-1758UDI has an interrupt function for each of its 128 digital input channels, which makes configuration easier. A digital filter function reduces noise, glitches and spikes on input channels and provides de-bouncing for switches and relays.

The PCI-1758UDO features a watchdog timer function to set critical outputs to safe states in the event of application, driver, OS and PCI bus failures. Its user-configurable power-up states are ensures the PCI-1758UDO powers up in a known state. This feature protects a recovering host system from receiving incorrect signals.

Through its isolation design, the PCI-1758UDI/UDO provides features such as electronic protection from spikes, signal quality improvement, common-mode voltage and noise improvement, wide I/O range and direct connection to sensors and actuators. The PCI-1758UDI/UDO can withstand up to 2,500 VDC, which makes it ideal for industrial applications where high-voltage isolation is required such as machinery automation, industrial control, automated manufacturing, and test and product line verification.

With a universal PCI bus, the PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO support both traditional systems with 5 V signaling and newer systems with 3.3 V signaling. The built-in BoardID DIP switch helps define each card's ID when multiple cards are installed on the same PC, making installation a breeze.

Both cards are aimed at meeting demands of specific applications such as industrial On/Off control, relay & switch monitoring and controlling, industrial and lab automation, complex machine building and semiconductor production facilities. With features such as wide-range input/output voltage, 128 digital input/output channels with interrupt function and robust isolation, Advantech is confident that the PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO represent an excellent choice for high-end machine and testing equipment builders.

The PCI-1758UDI and PCI-1758UDO are available for Windows® /98/2000 /XP with full support for drivers.

The PCI-1758UDI/UDI is available for purchase now. Contact an Advantech sales representative at 1-800-800-6889 today to find out more about high-density input/output PCI cards.

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