PCB Cleaning System has closed-loop, zero-discharge design.

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Fitted with stainless steel wash chamber and plumbing system, Trident XLD meets PCB cleaning and defluxing needs of electronic assemblers. Aqueous cleaning system removes both water-soluble or rosin-based flux residues as well as other contaminants and is compatible with various cleaning chemistries. Along with rinse cycle cleanliness monitor, features include twin counter-rotating spray bars with asymmetrical fan-jet nozzles and timed drying cycle with convection and radiant heat.

Original Press Release:

Closed-Loop, Zero-Discharge PCB Cleaning System in Operation at Manncorp Demo Center

Electronic assemblers in search of a comprehensive, environmentally-safe solution to their PCB cleaning and defluxing needs will want to visit Manncorp’s East Coast Demo Center for a live look at the Trident XLD.  The XLD is a fully closed-loop, zero-discharge, aqueous cleaning system, capable of removing both water-soluble or rosin-based flux residues, in addition to other contaminants that can impact the long-term reliability of circuit board assemblies.

Compatible with a wide range of industry-standard cleaning chemistries, wash solution is automatically mixed, stored, and recovered for re-use in the XLD’s stainless steel wash chamber and plumbing system.  The efficiency of the XLD’s wash solvent recovery system has resulted in a 50 to 90 percent reduction in chemical costs compared to other aqueous cleaning technologies.  During the rinse cycle, de-ionized water replaces the wash solution and a built-in cleanliness monitor detects when the desired resistivity level is achieved.  Twin, counter-rotating, spray bars feature asymmetrical fan-jet nozzles for maximum coverage and penetration into tight areas during both wash and rinse cycles.  In the timed drying cycle, convection and radiant heat remove any residual rinse water from the assembly.

Full cleaning profiles (wash/rinse/dry) are created and stored through a Windows®8‎ operating system with touchscreen user interface, and a comprehensive Statistical Process Control (SPC) system records alpha/numeric recipe names, process times, temperatures, rinse resistivity levels, and other valuable data.

Trident XLD systems also include the ECO-Cycler Rinse Water Recycling System which captures, filters, and re-deionizes rinse water, eliminating the need for drains, wastewater treatment, or discharge permitting.  The ECO-Cycler also reduces water use, cutting utility costs and protecting a valuable environmental resource.

To learn more about the Trident XLD or other PCB cleaning systems available from Manncorp, please go to http://www.manncorp.com/cleaning-defluxing.html?pr=092613.

Interested in visiting Manncorp’s East Coast Demo Center to see the Trident XLD and other SMT assembly equipment?  Contact Chris Ellis at Manncorp, 215-830-1200 x103.

Sales and support offices in three locations: East (Huntingdon Valley, PA), West (San Diego, CA) and Mexico.   www.manncorp.com

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