Patented Platform Centering Device

Advance Lifts, Inc. of St. Charles, Illinois, is pleased to announce that our NEW Patented Platform Centering Device.

Off centered loading of scissors lifts is a major contributor of excess wear on rollers, bearings, platforms and scissors legs, causing premature failure of any or all of these components. The wear occurs because the off center loading forces the platform to shift sideways toward the heavier side of the load, creating friction between the scissors legs and the platform runners in the general area of the platform rollers and distorting mechanism geometry.

Simple in design but big in performance, the "Platform Centering Device" consists of strategically located low friction pucks that maintain intended scissors geometry and substantially reduces friction. Centered loads are still the recommended method for achieving maximum lift life, but Advance Lifts' patented "Platform Centering Device" will substantially improve the life of any lift exposed to off center loading.

For over 30 years, Advance Lifts, Inc. has been manufacturing loading dock equipment, work positioners, lifts tables, recycling equipment and packaging equipment.
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