Parts Washing Systems minimize environmental impact.

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Custom-designed for application, Zippel Parts Washing and Deburring Systems include chamber, inline, rotary transfer, robotic washing, immersion, and spray-immersion types. Customized filtration technology consistently cleans parts while cutting waste disposal. In addition, aqueous-based systems can minimize energy use by recovering waste heat from process flow. To cut production times and part handling, systems can be fully automated by integrating robotics, conveyors, pick and place systems.

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Sugino Introduces Zippel Cleaning Systems

Custom washing and deburring systems deliver clean parts and cost savings

Itasca, IL – Sugino Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of a diverse range of technologically advanced manufacturing equipment, is pleased to introduce the Zippel brand of industrial part washing and deburring systems. 

Zippel machines are custom designed and built to maximize the cleaning quality, cost effectiveness, and eco-friendliness of each individual application. Their aqueous-based cleaning systems combine economy and ecology, delivering exceptionally clean parts while minimizing both production costs and environmental impact.

Zippel manufactures the full range of cleaning systems including Chamber, Inline, Rotary Transfer, Robotic Washing, Immersion, and Spray-Immersion types. To further reduce production times and part handling, Zippel can fully automate their solutions by integrating robotics, conveyors, pick and place systems, and more.

Through customized filtration technology, Zippel delivers consistently clean parts while cutting waste disposal costs. In addition to saving on water and waste costs, Zippel’s systems can reduce energy costs by recovering waste heat from the process flow.

For more information on Zippel washing and deburring systems or any other Sugino product, please visit or call 630-626-0518.

ABOUT SUGINO CORPORATION – Founded in 1936, Sugino Corporation is proud to offer reliable, high quality products through innovative engineering and research.  Their product offering includes Selfeeder Drilling and Tapping Machines, High Pressure Cleaning and Deburring Machines, High Pressure Pumping Systems and Superoll Roller Burnishing Tools, all designed to specifically improve quality and productivity and provide greener solutions throughout the world.

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