Parallel Gripper is sealed to IP 67.

Press Release Summary:

Pneumatic, 2-finger DPGplus is available in 7 sizes, ranging in moment capacity from 22-118 lb-ft. Each size offers option of 2 strokes and spring, for additional grip force, or safety device for OD and ID gripping. Oval piston transfers actuation to jaws through wedge-hook system. Gripper includes mounting options for magnetic switches for monitoring open, closed, or part-present position. Optional flexible positioning sensor reads up to 5 positions.

Original Press Release:

DPG plus - New Sealed 2-Finger Parallel Gripper

SCHUNK Inc. introduces a new series of sealed 2-finger parallel grippers, DPGplus, designed for the automated handling of components under extreme environmental conditions. This new generation of sealed grippers from SCHUNK not only withstands these conditions without any problems, but sets new standards for moment capacities in the world of sealed grippers. For this type of application the well-known formula tightness = low moment capacity, no longer applies. Due to the serrated guidance and round sealings, high moments similar to those of the PGN-plus series, can be achieved.

The new DPG-plus is available in 7 different sizes ranging in moment capacity from 30Nm (22 lbf.ft) to 160Nm (118 lbf.ft) assuring a long service life. With each size, you have the option of 2 strokes and a spring for additional grip force or a safety device for both OD and ID gripping, giving you a total of 42 standard units to choose from. The DPG-plus achieves absolute tightness with an IP 67 Rating, making it a perfect fit for the loading and unloading of machining centers that are subject to coolant conditions and metal chips. The pneumatic actuation results from an oval piston, which transfers the actuation to the jaws through the proven wedge hook system, and thereby generates a considerably higher grip force than a round piston.

The DPG-plus has mounting options for magnetic switches integrated in the body for monitoring the open, closed or part-present position and alternatively has a flexible positioning sensor FPS which can read up to 5 positions. The pneumatic connection is possible either through threaded ports or through a tubeless direct connection found on the two mounting surfaces which assures a trouble-free actuation. With increased finger length capability and high moment capacity due to the stable guidance, the DPG-plus is the most versatile sealed gripper on the market and sets a new industry standard.

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