Paint Striper uses off-the-shelf components.

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Bantam XL sprays lines, curbs, car stops, and stencils with 4 hp Honda engine, adjustable spray gun for 2-6 in. wide lines, and accessory handheld gun. Additional offerings include 5 gal, low-pressure tank and disposable tank liners. Spray gun disassembles into 5 pieces for cleanup, and entire gun can be rebuilt in field. Maneuverable unit incorporates four 10 in. pneumatic wheels and dry weight of 125 lbs.

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Bantam XL Paint Striper

Produce great looking lines while saving a thousand dollars over airless systems. The Bantam XL features the proven reliability, safety and easy maintenance of a conventional air-spray system.

Bantam XL sprays lines, curbs, car stops and stencils with the reliability of a 4 hp Honda engine, an adjustable spray gun for 2" to 6" wide lines and accessory hand held gun.

The five-gallon low-pressure tank provides plenty of capacity and the disposable tank liners offer quick and easy cleanup. Five pieces of the spray gun easily disassemble for cleanup at day's end - and the entire gun can be rebuilt in the field. Try that with an airless machine! The major components are off-the-shelf, eliminating the need for lengthy, costly repairs at specialty shops.

Contractor tough and contractor friendly, Bantam XL is backed by an 18-month warranty and is the easiest machine on the market to maneuver with four, 10" pneumatic wheels and a dry weight of just 125 lbs.

Why pay more to get the job done? For more information on Bantam XL, our 12 other models of stripers, or our complete stencil line, visit our web site at or contact us at:

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