Oxford Instruments' Releases New Cost-Effective Process Control Application for the Electronics Industry

Concord, MA — Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis, a leading global supplier of high quality instruments used for materials identification and coating thickness gauging analysis announced today a new technical application report now available for Ag on PTZ ceramic compliant with the ISO3497 and ASTM B568 standard by using the X-Strata920 X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) benchtop analyzer. 

The X-Strata920 XRF analyser was introduced by Oxford Instruments in 2012 for coating thickness measurement and materials analysis. This recent application report demonstrates that X-Strata920 has proven that it can be effectively used to determine the measurement of coating thickness consistent with the international test methods set by ISO347 and ASTM B568 to measure metallic and some non-metallic coatings.  Because this instrument combines a large area detector and Oxford Instruments’ micro-focus X-ray tube, it provides a high-intensity, small spot X-ray beam for superior sample excitation and elemental detection. It has proven to be the ideal method to measure metallic coatings.  Furthermore, the X-Strata920 guarantees the best accuracy in its class, with analysis results obtained in seconds to ensure better process control and cost efficiency.

X-Strata920 performs excellent cost-effective quality control analysis of multi-layer assemblies across a wide range of industrial markets, including electronics, metal finishing, and measurement of alloys and precious metals. For these industries, the X-Strata920 can:

- Provide extreme process control with improved productivity

- Minimize production cost of the plating process and production output

- Perform rapid, non-destructive analysis of jewellery and other alloys

- Provide analysis of up to 4 coating layers, e.g. for electronic coatings typically measuring Au/Ni/Cu, Pd/Ni/Cu, Ag/Sn/Cu etc 

- Ensure better reliability and value for money year after year through proven technology

- Guarantee ease-of-use, with minimal user training required and results that will not vary from user to user

For routine operation, analysis results using the X-Strata920 can be extracted into a locked .pdf format for additional data security, or directly into Excel through a network path. The current report highlighting use of the X-Strata920 for Ag on PTZ ceramics is available on request.  To get a copy of the report please email industrial@oxinst.com and ask for the X-Strata920 Application Report entitled Ag on PZT ceramic.

For further information and electronic copies of the images please contact:

Kim White

Marketing Communications Specialist

Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Email: Kim.White@oxinst.com

Tel:  +1 800 447 4717 or +1 978 369 9933 

About Oxford Instruments plc

Oxford Instruments designs, supplies and supports high-technology tools and systems with a focus on research and industrial applications. It provides solutions needed to advance fundamental physics research and its transfer into commercial nanotechnology applications. Innovation has been the driving force behind Oxford Instruments' growth and success for over 50 years, and its strategy is to effect the successful commercialisation of these ideas by bringing them to market in a timely and customer-focused fashion.

The first technology business to be spun out from Oxford University over fifty years ago, Oxford Instruments is now a global company with over 1900 staff worldwide and is listed on the FTSE250 index of the London Stock Exchange (OXIG).  Its objective is to be the leading provider of new generation tools and systems for the research and industrial sectors.

This involves the combination of core technologies in areas such as low temperature, high magnetic field and ultra high vacuum environments, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, X-ray, electron and optical based metrology, and advanced growth, deposition and etching.

Oxford Instruments aims to pursue responsible development and deeper understanding of our world through science and technology. Its products, expertise, and ideas address global issues such as energy, environment, security and health. 

About Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis

Oxford Instruments, Industrial Analysis offers a range of analytical instruments designed for demanding quality control applications. From materials analysis to thickness gauging, the Industrial Analysis products incorporate the latest field proven technology, coupled with over 30 years of experience in designing, producing and supporting world class instruments.

X-MET handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers and our expanded range of ARC/Spark mobile Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES) are specifically designed for positive material identification, alloy analysis and screening. Our OES systems comprise: FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO, FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert, FOUNDRY-MASTER COMPACT, PMI-MASTER PRO and TEST-MASTER PRO.

X-Supreme, Lab-X, MDX1000 XRF spectrometers span the price/performance range for routine chemical analysis.  From sulfur in petroleum products to the analysis of limestone, we can match exactly the correct spectrometer to your needs.

For thickness gauging applications we offer handheld magnetic and eddy current gauges to full function, high performance XR systems. Our X-Strata980 and X-Strata920 systems provide world-class performance for coating thickness measurement.

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