Oscillators produce low-jitter sine wave signal.

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M4001/M4002 2.488 GHz VCSOs oscillators are suited for applications between 600 MHz and 2.5 GHz. Housed in 9 x 14 mm J-lead ceramic package, the M4001 is a 3.3 V device, and M4002 is a 5 V device. They offer sub-picosecond jitter at .15 ps RMS typical, and are suitable for use as IF local oscillators or mixer local-oscillator drivers for IQ modulators, mixers, and IEEE802.11b (WLAN), and ISM band applications.

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M-tron Introduces 2.488 GHz VCSO

YANKTON, SD - M-tron Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of 2.488 GHz VCSOs. For applications between 600 MHz and 2.5 GHz that require a low jitter sine wave signal, the M-tron M4001 or M4002 oscillator fits the bill. The M4001/M4002 oscillator is packaged in a 9 X 14 mm J-lead
ceramic package. The M4001 is a 3.3 volt device, and the M4002 is a 5 volt device.

The M4001/M4002 is a low noise design oscillator that offers sub-picosecond jitter at .15 ps RMS typical (integrated from 12 kHz to 20 MHz off set from carrier). Stability is ± 100 ppm over operating temperature.

The M4001/M4002 also offers low phase noise (-120 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz, -145 dBc @100kHz) and ± 50 ppm APR pull capability. With a wide modulation bandwidth of 500 kHz minimum, direct modulation of the M4001/M4002 is possible.

The M4001/M4002 product is well suited as an IF local oscillator, or mixer local oscillator driver for various 2.4 GHz spread spectrum transceiver chipsets, IQ modulators, mixers, and IEEE802.11b (WLAN), ISM band applications. See figure 1 below. Sine wave output levels up to + 10 dBm are achievable with the 5 volt M4002 device, and up to +8 dBm with the M4001 3.3 volt device. The outputs of the M4001 or 4002 can easily be padded in order to achieve the desired level of injection signal into a given oscillator/mixer stage.

According to Greg Rogers, VP of Engineering, "This is a higher frequency device which provides an ultra clean signal in a very small package. It fits perfectly for replacements of multiplication schemes in higher frequency SONET systems."

M-tron Industries, Inc., an ISO-9001 registered company, was founded in 1965. M-tron is a leading developer of high frequency oscillators with products available in small, surface mount packages at frequencies up to 800 MHz and higher. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Shellee Luchtel at 1-800-762-8800 or sluchtel@mtron.com. M-tron's web site can be viewed at www.mtron.com. M-tron, based in Yankton, South Dakota, USA, is a subsidiary of the Lynch Corporation. Lynch is a member of the American Stock Exchange and traded under the symbol - LGL.

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