Optical Emission Spectrometers feature air-cooled design.

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Offered in 3 versions, SPECTROBLUE inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer is suited for environmental and industrial laboratories that require multi-element analysis of liquids and solids such as water, wastewater, and soils. Axial SPECTROBLUE EOP version enables analysis of trace elements, while radial SPECTROBLUE SOP supports high sample concentrations while tolerating high saline and organic fractions. SPECTROBLUE TI automatically performs both axial and radial viewing of plasma.

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SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES Analyser Now Available in Three Versions: Axial, Radial or the Combination of Axial and Radial Observation

UK: SPECTRO Analytical Instruments now offers three versions of its SPECTROBLUE inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES). These models set new benchmarks for compact, mid-range analysers characterised by high performance, simple operation, low maintenance, and great affordability.

The system is ideal for environmental and industrial laboratories that require high throughput, multi-element analysis of liquids and solids such as water, wastewater and soils.

SPECTROBLUE EOP, the unique axial interface version, provides high sensitivity and detection limits for superior analysis of industrial and environmental trace elements.

SPECTROBLUE SOP radial interface version offers precise performance at higher sample concentrations, exhibiting excellent tolerance for high saline and organic fractions plus superb analysis of suspensions and slurries.

SPECTROBLUE TI twin-interface version automatically performs both axial and radial viewing of the plasma. This optimises linearity and dynamic range while enabling high-sensitivity measurement of toxic elements.

“This model is especially suitable for environmental analyses,” says Olaf Schulz, ICP-OES Product Manager. “It can accurately determine levels of alkali and earth alkali elements in complex alkali matrices. The user gets superior analysis of sodium, potassium, or calcium in wastewater or soil matrices.”

SPECTROBLUE TI minimises the easily ionisable element (EIE) effect that can decrease linearity. It also cuts cost and contamination by eliminating ionisation buffers. Contamination, and thus cleaning and maintenance, is also greatly reduced by offsetting the analyser’s switchable three-mirror periscope at a 45° angle. Finally, this version features a revolutionary design that minimises the number of optical surfaces, maximising light throughput and optimising performance.

The new SPECTROBLUE’S (Model No. FMX26) flexible design allows field conversion of a SPECTROBLUE EOP model to full TI version functionality.

The analyser’s robust generator design handles extreme plasma loads with exceptional uptime, stability and reliability. Its innovative air-cooled technology eliminates expensive external water-cooling systems for additional savings in cost of ownership. Its breakthrough sealed optical system eliminates expensive gas purging and ensures long-term stability. Finally, its adaptable software provides easy operation for users at all experience levels.

All three versions of the SPECTROBLUE spectrometer are available for shipment from SPECTRO dealers worldwide. For more information please visit www.spectro.com/blue

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