OEM Thermoelectric Cold Plate has dual butterfly mounts.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 2 model BA-01 butterfly mounts, OCP-050A stabilizes uncooled butterfly lasers using external TECs. It features aluminum cold plate and proprietary thermoelectric modules, which maintain enough cooling capacity for 2 of any high-power pump lasers. Butterfly lasers with internal thermoelectric coolers have lower power due to cooling capacity limit of internal TECs. Uncooled butterfly lasers provide higher power limited only by laser diode itself.

Original Press Release:

Elite Thermal Engineering Introduces Low Cost OEM Cold Plates with Dual Butterfly Mounts

Elite Thermal Engineering, a leading supplier for thermoelectric cooling solutions, released a lower cost OEM thermoelectric cold plate Model OCP-050A, and model DBC-050A that consists of one OCP-050A and two butterfly mounts model BA-01.

Because of the relatively low power nature of all fiber coupled butterfly laser diodes packages, the cooling capacity of ETE's OCP-055 is never fully utilized when used for butterfly mounts. ETE replaced the expensive copper plates and the expensive high end thermoelectric cooling modules with aluminum cold plate and ETE's own lower cost thermoelectric modules, we are able to bring down the cost significantly while still maintaining enough cooling capacity for two of any high power pump lasers on the market.

Butterfly lasers with internal thermoelectric coolers has lower power compare to uncooled packages because of the limit of cooling capacity of internal TECs; Uncooled butterfly lasers provide much higher power that is only limited by the laser diode itself. DBC-050A provides two butterfly mounts for uncooled butterfly lasers, and stabilize the laser with the external TECs. This enables laser developers to use much higher power butterfly lasers while maintaining the temperature of the laser.

Elite is also making our own low cost high performance thermoelectric modules available for sale. We have a complete line of single stage thermoelectric cooling modules and an unique high power high performance dual stage thermoelectric cooling module for demanding applications where high delta T and high cooling capacity are both required.

Most of the multi-stage thermoelectric modules on the market provide either high delta T or high cooling capacity but rarely both. The few that can fit both needs usually are not very efficient. Elite's ETD-8-198 satisfies power, delta T and efficiency.

Thermoelectric coolersare widely used in telecommunication, medical, electrical, CCD camera, and photonics industries. Please visit products.elitethermalengineering.com/ for details or email to contact@elitethermalengineering.com, or call 425-770-8147.

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