OEM and End-Users See Improved Efficiency and Productivity with Custom Workholding and Automation Products from DE-STA-CO

Auburn Hills, Mich. — DE-STA-CO is expanding its custom manufacturing capabilities to provide OEM and end-users with application-designed productivity tools out of the box. Customers can work directly with DE-STA-CO engineers to modify any of its clamping, automation and material handling solutions, to produce products that are perfectly matched to a specific application.

"Standard tools often don't fit perfectly in a manufacturer's unique production line or OEM machine," says Ken Hagan, global product manager for DE-STA-CO. "In fact, about half of our customers modify the clamps they buy before putting them into use. We've expanded our custom solution programs to take that timeconsuming process off the hands of our customers, letting them focus more on their core business instead of worrying about modifying each new tool purchase."

DE-STA-CO now offers customized solutions and modification services across all of its product lines, including clamps, Robohand grippers, CAMCO indexers, and robotic end effectors. The modifications are organized into three levels for each product group to provide guidance for customers:

Level one modifications include minimal changes like grip substitutions and plating/dipping for clamps; oil/grease changes and alternate mounts for automation products; and non-standard controls, custom mounts and special coatings for material handling equipment.

Level two modifications include handle/arm extensions or reductions, drilled or tapped arms and custom hooks for clamps; port changes, finishes/plating, stroke adjustment and dial plates for automation products; and detailed concepts for material handling equipment.

Level three modifications are custom-built designs and product combinations that are developed specifically for each customer application.

Quotes are available in one to two days for level one modifications, three days for level two modifications and five days for level three modifications.

Each custom solution is given its own unique part number to make reordering easy, and to guarantee the same solution is produced the same way for future orders. Working directly with DE -STA-CO engineers and estimators, customers receive drawings of the modified product or solution before it is assembled to make sure application requirements are met.

"While other manufacturers focus on streamlining their product offerings to include just the most popular items, at DE-STA-CO, we believe that custom solutions are mutually beneficial," says Hagan. "Our standard products are enhanced as we implement suggestions from more customers. At the same time, by customizing products for our customers, we're saving them time and ensuring that the altered tooling will safely perform for them."

To find out how custom tooling from DE-STA-CO can make your operations more efficient, visit www.destaco.com/custom-solutions or call (888) DESTACO (888-337-8226). DE-STA-CO is also active on Facebook, facebook.com/destaco and Twitter, @destacochat.


DE-STA-CO is a global automation and workholding company that has provided productivity solutions to the manufacturing industry since 1915. Quality, innovation and service have made DE-STA-CO a leader in the design and manufacture of cost-reducing, flexible automation solutions for industrial customers around the world. The company is committed to the Team DE-STA-CO philosophy, a progressive approach to doing business that focuses on providing consistent, standard-setting service and products to every customer, regardless of geographic location.


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