NORD Offers Two Options for Enhanced Protection

Waunakee, Wl - NORD Gear Corporation offers the NORD Severe Duty + (NSD+) and NORD Severe Duty Extreme (NSD-X3) coatings for advanced protection against corrosion in wet and severe environments.

NORD's Severe Duty + (NSD+) and Severe Duty Extreme (NSD-X3) protective coatings ensure that NORD units are extremely well-sealed against permeating moisture, resistant to corrosion and shielded against the harmful effects of environmental exposure in wet and outdoor installations. Using a solvent-based primer undercoat and stainless steel finish for durability and protection, both finishes are capable of standing up to high heat and humidity. NSD-X3 features an added clear top-coat for increased protection.

Available in a stainless steel (316) - USDA/H1 compliant - or white finish, the cured NSD+ and NSD-X3 coatings develop a 2H hardness, yet exhibit excellent high-impact resistance. Also, these durable coatings have superior chemical resistance when exposed to industrial solvents (such as laquer thinner, acetone, gasoline, Xylol), lubricants and cutting oils.

Other standard NORD protective features include:
o Reducers
- Signature Unicase® housing design
- Autovent pressure relief breather or sealed housing
- Quadrilip(TM) or double-lip output shaft seals
- Stainless steel nameplate
o Motors
- Sealed shaft lip on both ends of the motor shaft
- Double-coated magnetic wire insulation
- Inorganic insulating components for tropical protection
- Moisture resistant motor windings
- Corrosion resistant alloy materials

For more information on NORD's NSD+ and NSD-X3 advanced corrosion protection, please contact:
NORD Gear Corporation
Waunakee, WI
(888) 314-6673 or (608) 849-7300

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