Noise Barrier installs on outside of existing walls.

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Designed to minimize noise levels, DB2-4Walls features ASTM E84 Class A rating when placed on minimum 3/8 in. gypsum wallboard. It is manufactured from post-recycled product and installs by user hanging it on wall, aligning seams, spackling seams, allowing it to dry, and then smoothing and finishing it. Barrier is available in 4 x 8 ft sheets.

Original Press Release:

Sound Proofing for Small Spaces

The key to noise control in a condo, home, or apartment is to find out where the noise is coming from and then block the sound transmission. Most noise transmitted through a wall from one side to the other is airborne; including sounds made from a big screen TV with its blaring football game; competing with a home theater symphony next door. Teens playing video games sending noise through the wall to the neighbor's home office. Noise can be quite loud if the sound source is close to the wall.
By soundproofing the party or common wall (the wall you share with your neighbors), the sound produced on your side will stay on your side and little or no noise from the other side will pass through.

You can effectively accomplish this with DB2-4Walls, the first-ever noise reducing barrier created to go on the outside of existing walls.

o Manufactured from post-recycled product

o Reduce noise levels

o Passes ASTM E84 Class A rating when placed on minimum 3/8" gypsum wallboard

o Comes in 4 x 8 sheets

o Easy to install.

o Hang on the wall, align seams, spackle seams, let dry, smooth and finish. Paint to desired color.

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