NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE Wins Responsible Care Award with Low V.O.C-Emission Coatings

N.O.F. Metal Coatings Europe (DACRAL S.A.) was voted overall winner of the 2010 European Responsible Care® Awards, beating out a record-number 53 entries from 10 countries. It was the first time that France-based N.O.F. Metal Coatings Europe received the award by winning the judges' hearts with an innovative coating technology that offers clear health and environmental benefits in a more resource
efficient, cost effective way.

Cefic President Christian Jourquin, who presented the awards at the Cefic annual general assembly in Rome said: "The awards competition this year was the most intense in its 6-year history. The winning projects clearly highlighted how the chemical industry is high-tech, innovative and sustainable".

N.O.F. Metal Coatings Europe new coating compound

Overall winner N.O.F. Metal Coatings Europe France earned top honours for developing a new version of existing coatings mainly used for small parts such as automotive sector bolts and fasteners.

Judges praised the robust, innovative nature of the N.O.F. Metal Coatings Europe award
submission, especially highlighting that the hightech coating combines "a very impressive decrease of Volatile Organic Compounds emissions with the phasing out harmful compound - hexavalent chromium - while turning a profit."

The elimination of hexavalent chromium alone was commended as "not easy and very

The new version coating product, designed for use by coating applicators subcontracted by automotive companies, required several years of dedicated research, including working with scientific institutions to better understand sol-gel technology. Under a project launched in 2004, pilot testing took place in 2007 and full commercial application of the technology occurred in March 2010 on two industrial lines in Germany.

According to the N.O.F. Metal Coatings Europe submission filed last, the anticorrosive coating compound successfully went from research bench to market as part of the company's objective to focus on sustainable coatings development. The environmentally friendly coating vastly reduces the use of organic solvents from conventional
levels down to 4 to 5 per cent. The company also notes that the new compound does not contain methanol (toxic) or ethoxylated nonylphenol (endocrinian effects).

This innovative product development of N.O.F Metal Coatings Europe is clearly moving towards sustainable development and doing less damage,' noted the panel.

With more than 30 years of experience, NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE develops, produces and sells, by licence agreements, the zinc-flake technologies GEOMET® and DACROMET®.
Our coatings offer low-thickness and high-performing anticorrosion protection and are the leader in the Automotive and Truck industries, as well as in lots of other industrial sectors such as renewable energies. NOF METAL COATINGS EUROPE is the European subsidiary of NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP, the anticorrosion division of the Japanese chemical group NOF CORPORATION, who invented the zinc-flake technology. An international licensee's network with more than 350 application lines supplies our coatings worldwide. More information at:

About the Responsible Care® initiative
Responsible Care® is a global initiative of the chemical industry to drive continuous improvement in its health, safety and environmental performance and to make a strong contribution to sustainable development. Responsible Care was first launched in 1985 in Canada and is now run by the national/regional chemical associations in 53 countries around the world. More information at:


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