No-Mix, Structural Adhesive bonds flexible panels.

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Able to fill gaps as wide as 25 mil, Flex Bond(TM) Thin Set laminates sheets of ABS or aluminum to polystyrene core and produces nonshrinking, flexible bonds on metals and plastics. Dual-component adhesive consists of methacrylate polymer and activator.
Working time is 3-4 min, fixture time is 9-10 min at room temp, and full cure 2 hr. Formulated to withstand service temperatures to 200°F, product exhibits tensile strength of 6,970 psi and adhesive tensile shear from 838-1,482 psi.

Original Press Release:

Flexible, No-Mix Adhesive for Panels

DANVERS, MA - Specially formulated for bonding flexible panels, Devcon's new Flex Bond(TM) Thin Set structural adhesive is ideal for laminating sheets of ABS or aluminum to a polystyrene core, but the adhesive also produces nonshrinking, extremely flexible bonds on other metals and plastics. It also fills gaps as wide as 25 mils.

Flex Bond Thin Set lends versatility to OEM assembly operations. Although it has two components, the adhesive does not require mixing, so the user can choose the most convenient "open time." If the methacrylate polymer (resin) is applied first to one of two surfaces to be joined, the activator (hardener) can be sprayed directly onto the polymer a few minutes before mating the two surfaces or onto the second surface up to 1 hour before mating. Either way, the curing cycle does not begin until the polymer comes in contact with the activator. If the activator is sprayed first, it remains viable for more than two weeks. Working time is 3-4 minutes following activation. After 4 minutes, the bonded material will have enough "green strength" to be moved. Fixture time is 9-10 minutes, and at room temperature Flex Bond attains functional cure in 1 hour, full cure in 2 hours. After 7 days it withstands service temperatures up to 200° F.

When cured, Flex Bond Thin Set has a tensile strength of 6970 psi and an adhesive tensile shear of 878 psi on ABS, 988 psi on FRP, 838 psi on PVC, and 1482 psi on cold-rolled steel, based on ASTM D1002 with a 10-mil gap between two bonded surfaces of the same material. When bonding two aluminum surfaces, the tensile shear is 1179 psi with a 5-mil gap (ASTM D1002) and T-peel strength is 23 pli (ASTM D1876).

100% solids, Flex Bond Thin Set is available in 1-gallon or 5-gallon kits.

For more information, contact: David Bongiorni, Market Development Manager, Devcon, 30 Endicott Street, Danvers, MA 01923, Toll-Free: 1-800-933-8266, TEL: (978) 777-1100, FAX: (978) 774-0516,,

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