NO.EL Off-Line Rewinder in Davis-Standard Laboratory

(Fulton, N.Y.)--Coreless off line winding technology from NO.EL® srl of Italy is targeted to be available in December 2010 for trials and testing in Davis-Standard's laboratory in Fulton, New York. Davis-Standard recently established an exclusive agreement with NO.EL in the NAFTA region to supply off-line as well as inline coreless stretch film systems to the converting industry. This alliance has resulted in processing capabilities for high-speed coreless winding of stretch film in widths up to 3 meters (120 inches). Davis-Standard and NO.EL are able to offer a green alternative that reduces carbon emissions, production waste and costs.

"We are pleased to offer trials of the NO.EL off-line re-winder in our lab. This high-speed coreless technology is consistent with our goal of providing customers with products that improve processing efficiencies, roll quality and the customer's return on investment," said Hassan Helmy, Executive Vice President of Davis-Standard, LLC. "NO.EL's technology has been proven on over 300 off-line, start-stop and continuous rewinding machines. We are excited to see customers realize potential savings and performance by trialing the technology in our lab."

This technology allows manufacturers to produce coreless and cored conventional stretch film for hand and/or machine wrap at speeds up to 2,300 fpm (700 m/min) depending on upstream extrusion capabilities, raw material selection, film properties and structures manufactured. The NO.EL rewinder at the Davis-Standard lab will also demonstrate NO.EL technology for pre-stretching films down to 7 micron, depending on incoming film structure and quality, as well as winding the film coreless or on thin cores at winding speeds up to 1000 m/min. Davis-Standard and NO.EL are able to customize each installation based on customer requirements. Processing advantages include savings on wrapping material, consistent wrapping force around the package, fewer opportunities for damage, and minimized film breaks as a result of a damaged roll edge.

For more information about NO.EL, visit For more information about Davis-Standard's Fulton lab or to schedule a trial, contact Jeff Lawler at

Christine Maxam
Global Marketing Administrator
Converting Systems

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