NIP 22: WACKER Presents Highly Specialized Products and Solutions for Modern Printing Technology

Munich / Denver, September 17, 2006 - WACKER, the Munichbased
chemical group, will be presenting its highly specialized
solutions for modern electrophotography and inkjet technology
at "NIP22." Held in Denver, Colorado (USA), the tradeshow runs
from September 17-22. The Group's focus will be on pyrogenic
silicas as key electrophotographic toner and developer
ingredients which enable toner flow and charge properties to be
formulated especially efficiently and economically. Furthermore,
WACKER will showcase silicone fluids used as release agents
in the fuser process and silicone elastomers with high thermal
conductivity for fuser/press rolls. Dr. Mario Heinemann from
WACKER SILICONES will present a key note at the conference.
NIP22 is the most important conference for non-impact and
digital printing technologies worldwide.

At this year's NIP22, WACKER will be featuring specially developed
key ingredients for non-impact printing applications to greatly
improve the cost-efficiency and quality of print processes. In addition,
they meet the most stringent requirements regarding print on
demand, printing precision and efficiency - even for smaller printruns
and especially in the field of full color and digital printing.

Dr. Mario Heinemann, Global Manager Imaging Systems at
WACKER SILICONES' division for pyrogenic silica, will serve as one
of the conference's key note speakers. In a key scientific
presentation on "Fumed Metal Oxides for Non-Impact Printing
Applications (NIP)," he will provide an overview of the current status
after over 20 years of toner R&D.

Pyrogenic Silica Enables Optimized Printing Quality
Sold under the HDK® trademark, WACKER's pyrogenic silicas are an
essential component of both conventionally-ground and chemicallyproduced
toners. Specially customized formulations for use in
electrophotography optimize charge distribution on toner particles - a
mix of resin particles and pigments. Plus, HDK® maintains the
storage stability and flowability of the toner mixture. The precisely
defined particles protect the resin particles against caking, regulate
the triboelectrical charge and stabilize the formulation. As a result,
the toner particles remain mobile, toner is transferred more easily,
the image carrier is cleaned more effectively and the printed image is
extremely sharp.

At NIP22, WACKER will showcase diverse silicone solutions for
toners and photocopiers, too. Due to their low-volatility, WACKER's
silicone fluids are used in the fuser process as release agents to
avoid toner transfer to the rolls. In order to ensure a uniformly high
copying quality over several hundred thousand copying cycles, it is
essential that the rolls' material properties remain constant.
Therefore, WACKER offers silicone elastomers of different hardness
degrees. Depending on their application, they feature high thermal and electrical conductivity, low compression set and good reversion
stability. As silicone fuser-fluids as well as fuser and press rolls are onestop
solutions, their properties can be aligned perfectly.

WACKER's pyrogenic silica is a vital component in inkjet printing,
too. HDK® particles modified with specialty polymers, together with a
suitable binder, serve as an active surface for specialty papers.
These ensure that the ink dries immediately without running, thereby
guaranteeing high-resolution images. As a leading producer of stateof-
the-art binders and polymer additives, the division WACKER
POLYMERS provides the suitable binders. Sold under the
POLYVIOL® trademark, these modified polyvinyl alcohol solutions
are used by the paper industry to coat specialty papers. They stand
out due to their excellent printability, optimum flow properties and a
long shelf life.

experts in non-impact printing technologies such as
electrophotography or inkjet printing. Specialists from both divisions
will be informing NIP22 visitors about new products and customized

For further information, please contact:
Wacker Chemie AG
Media Relations and Information
Nadine Baumgartl
Tel: +49 89 6279-1604
Fax: +49 89 6279-2604

The company in brief:
WACKER is a globally active company with approx. 14,400 employees and annual
sales of around 2.76 billion (2005, according to IFRS). WACKER has 22 production sites worldwide and a global sales network of about 100 subsidiaries and offices.

Silicone fluids, emulsions, rubber and resins; silanes; pyrogenic silicas and
thermoplastic silicone elastomers

Dispersible polymer powders and dispersions for applications in the construction
industry, solid resins, surface coating resins and polyvinyl butyrals

Custom synthesis, fine chemicals, biologics and other biotech products

Polysilicon for the semiconductor and photovoltaics industries

Hyperpure silicon wafers and monocrystals for semiconductor devices

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