New Ulterion Coatings from Jain Chem are Approved by FDA

Press Release Summary:

  • Provides coatings for baking release, heat-sealability and print protection
  • Products serve as replacements for non-recyclable plastic films, non-compostable fluorochemicals, silicone and chromium coatings
  • Products coated with Ulterion® are 99.5% repulpable and can be recycled into food-grade packaging paper or board

Original Press Release:

Ulterion® Coatings Make Paper Packaging Truly Sustainable

TAYLORS, S.C., June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Jain Chem, Ltd. of Taylors, South Carolina has struck a blow for the circular economy with its introduction of Ulterion®, a range of highly sustainable functional and barrier coatings for paper and paperboard packaging. The Ulterion® range includes highly-effective, functionally equivalent replacements for non-recyclable plastic films and for non-compostable fluorochemicals, silicone, chromium and other less-desirable coatings. Ulterion® also offers coatings that provide baking release, heat-sealability, print protection and other desired functionality. Ulterion® checks all the boxes for sustainability because:

  • Ulterion® coatings technology converts PET beverage bottle waste into non-plastic, recyclable materials that enhance the protective and functional properties of fiber-based packaging
  • Packages coated with Ulterion® are 99.5% repulpable and can be easily recycled into food-grade packaging paper or board
  • Ulterion® coatings do not inhibit compostability
  • Ulterion® coatings contain up to 95% recycled and renewable materials, which diverts billions of plastic bottles from the landfill and marine waste stream
  • The use of Ulterion® coatings are designed to operate with existing converting process equipment
  • Ulterion® coatings are FDA approved, BfR listed and fully comply with California's strict Proposition 65 requirements

In its first major product rollout, well over 2 million paper cups coated with Ulterion® have been sold by a major fast-food chain and no complaints have been received. Paper cups coated with Ulterion® are available now from major cup converters throughout North America and will soon be available in Europe. 

Surendra Jain, Chairman of Jain Chem states, "We created Ulterion®coatings to help the world flourish in a clean environment." Manoj Jain, CEO of Jain Chem continues, "When we considered the amount of packaging waste that occurs in our culture, we realized that we could really contribute to the circular economy."

About Jain Chem, Ltd.

Founded in 1977, Jain Chem, Ltd. specializes in designing customized and unique chemical solutions for our customers across a number of downstream businesses, including paper, packaging and textiles. Our product innovation strategy is focused on developing environmentally friendly, green and sustainable products. We believe in delivering performance, added value and a competitive edge with our products that help differentiate our customers from their competition in the global marketplace. Jain Chem adheres to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards and our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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