New Tonelight Security Alarm Features an Operating Frequency of 2.4 - 3.7 kHz

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The TRIP-6692 Tonelight™ Security Alarm comes with dual notifiers – a red or green strobe light and a loud siren. The product is available in package of 5 x 3 x 1.5 in. that consists of a 2-wire lead and 3-wire lead. The alarm generates 100dB at 30 cm of wave siren output with its red strobe light. The device is rated to 12 VDC (voltage) and 300 mA (current) with a minimum sound pressure level of 110 dB± 3 dB. The Tonelight is used for security or safety conditions for institutions like hospitals, schools, military and government offices.

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Transducers USA Introduces Security Siren with Visual Alert

Transducers USA, an industry leading supplier of audible signal devices, has announced the availability of their unique Tonelight™ Security Alarm with dual notifiers: a red or green strobe light and a loud siren.

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILL. (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 14, 2018 - The combination visual and audio alert system allows the Tonelight Security Alarm from Transducers USA to provide an additional level of security and/or notification as an enhanced annunciator.

The TRIP-6692 system from Transducers USA provides this dual notification for any number of events, only a few of which are listed here: 

  • Equipment operations started, halted or completed
  • Laboratory operations started, halted or completed
  • Production start-ups, completions, jams, or procedural shut-downs
  • Process operation events – completions, below or above limit conditions, and more
  • Security or safety conditions for institutions, such as hospitals, schools, military and government offices
  • Exterior perimeter intrusion
  • Access control intrusion notification
  • Mobile alerts
  • Area lockouts
  • “All Clear” notification
  • Other conditions threatening life safety

The siren and strobe light alerts on the Tonelight Security Alarm can operate simultaneously or separately, and the sound can be delayed for workspace-friendly warnings. This gives workers time to respond to the visual alert before the audible siren begins – perfect for restaurant kitchens, factory floors or other environments where excess noise is undesirable.

TRIP-6692R includes a red lens, and the siren and strobe light operate together. 
TRIP-6692LG includes a green lens, and the siren and strobe light operate together. 
TRIP-6692RLS includes a red lens, and the siren and strobe light are each wired individually for separate operation.

Available in a lightweight and space-saving package of 5” x 3” x 1.5”, the TRIP-6692R weighs only four ounces. The alarm generates over 100dB at 30 cm of wave siren output, along with its red strobe light with an operating frequency range of 2.4 – 3.7 kHz. The package includes a 2-wire lead and a 3-wire lead (TRIP-6692RLS) and is configured for industry-standard junction box panel mounting.

Product specifications include:

  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 6 ̴15VDC
  • Max. Rated Current: 300mA
  • Operating Frequency 2.4-3.7 KHz
  • Min. Sound Pressure Level: 110dB +/- 3dB

Transducer USA’s Tonelight™ Security Alarm is currently available from stock from the company’s warehouse and headquarters in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

For more information on the new Tonelight Security Alarm TRIP-6692R, please visit:

FREE samples of the new TRIP-6692 Security Alarms are available to editors upon request. Please contact Joe Sieracki at 847-956-1920.

About Transducers USA

Transducers USA produces quality audible signal devices at very competitive prices for Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company manufactures a comprehensive line of audio indicators and transducers in piezo and electro-mechanical varieties, including microphones, speakers, and ultrasonic components.

Products are manufactured in ISO-9000 and RoHS certified facilities in Asia. Transducers USA provides customer support and engineering assistance from their local headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL. Over 1,300 production workers and 100 specialized audio engineers support Transducers USA.

In addition to hundreds of standard audible signal devices, custom products are also available at Transducers USA, based on either a customer’s design or one created by Transducers USA engineers. CAD drawings and tooling will be provided at no charge for qualified orders.

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