New Spool Line

Full selection of spool components - cores, plugs and ends - can be ordered as individual components or as assembled spools.

(Greenville, Wis.) - Spool cores are now part of Badger Plug Company's complete offering of high-quality spool packaging solutions. Customized spool components, including spool cores, anchor spool plugs and spool ends, can be ordered as individual components or as pre-assembled spools. Unassembled spools can be cost-effectively shipped and stored, then assembled just-in-time on site. Spool cores are now readily available with various O.D.s, lengths and wall thicknesses.

Rugged anchor spool plugs are available in heavy-duty steel, plastic or tin, and with diameters up to 12 inches and various center and drive holes. Spool plug features include self-locking lugs to secure each plug to the core and anti-spin lugs to prevent slippage during chucking in high-torque applications. Spool ends are available in durable chipboard, hardboard or plywood, and in a wide variety of standard or custom sizes. Badger Plug: (920) 757-7300


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