New Low Frequency Buzzer Features an Almost Infinite Life for Ceramic Piezo Audio Output

Press Release Summary:

The new buzzer, TRIP-2612P(S), performs on a lower frequency, delivering 400 Hz at a minimum of 95dB with a standard of 12DC. It meets the NFPA code requirement and is RoHS compliant. The unit comes with a flame-retardant cover and an easy, stable PC board mount and connection. 

Original Press Release:

Transducers USA Introduces New Solid-State Buzzers with Low Frequency

Transducers USA, an industry leading supplier of audible signal devices, has announced the introduction of a new solid-state piezoelectric transducer that operates at a low frequency.


This new solid state buzzer has been designed to respond to the need for upgrading and replacing electro-mechanical transducers which have movable armatures.

The solid-state piezoelectric design feature eliminates the moveable plunger in electro-mechanical devices. With no moving parts, the solid-state circuitry promises an almost infinite life for ceramic piezo audio output.

The new Model TRIP-2612P(S) from Transducers USA delivers 400 Hz at a minimum of 95 dB with a standard 12DC. The problem with higher frequencies used in audible alarm notification appliances is that many aging individuals lose their ability to hear. Lower frequencies are better heard by those with hearing loss, such as the elderly in nursing homes.

The NFPA has been dealing with standardizing low frequencies in alarm devices and notifiers for many years now, but the current trend is to use low frequency sounders. Since hearing loss is not apparent among occupants of a hotel, for example, the NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code now requires low frequency sounders must be installed in all sleeping rooms, not in corridors. This applies also to dormitories, assisted living and retirement facilities, apartments, condominiums, colleges, universities and other buildings with sleeping areas. The TRIP-2612P(S) from Transducers USA meets this NFPA code requirement.

The TRIP-2612P(S) is RoHS compliant with a flame-retardant plastic cover. It provides easy and stable PC board mounting and connections. The unit measures 26mm x 19mm off the PC board. The TRIP-2612P(S) is priced at $3.90 each in 1K quantity. Transducers USA can provide modifications to this solid-state device, as well as custom designs to suit special application needs.

To compare the sounds of high and low frequency transducers, and those from a solid-state vs. an electro-mechanical device, listen to the Live Presentation on the Transducers USA website.

Product Specifications include: 
Operating Mode: Continuous Tone 
Nominal Operating Voltage: 12 VDC 
Operating Voltage: 8 to 16 VDC 
Operating Frequency: 400+/-100Hx 
Sound Output:    95dB(A)min. at 12 VDC, at 10cm, at 25⁰ 
Operating Current: 55mA max. at 12 VDC 
Operating Temperature: -40⁰ C to +85⁰ C 
Storage Temperature: -40⁰ C to +85⁰ C 
Termination: 2 pins, 0.04Ø (1.0 Ø mm) brass, electro-tin plated 
Weight: 7.5g

Free evaluation samples of the TRIP2612P(S) can be made available to editors who wish to conduct a product review. Please contact Joe Sieracki at 847-956-1920 or

For more information on the TRIP-2612P(S) Solid-State Low Frequency Buzzer and other audible signal devices from Transducers USA, please visit: or request our Spec Sheet.

About Transducers USA

Transducers USA produces quality audible signal devices at very competitive prices for Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company manufactures a comprehensive line of audio indicators and transducers in piezo and electro-mechanical varieties, including microphones, speakers, and ultrasonic components.

Products are manufactured in ISO-9000 and RoHS certified facilities in Asia. Transducers USA provides customer support and engineering assistance from their local headquarters in Elk Grove Village, IL. Over 1,300 production workers and 100 specialized audio engineers support Transducers USA.

In addition to hundreds of standard audible signal devices, custom products are also available at Transducers USA, based on either a customer’s design or one created by Transducers USA engineers. CAD drawings and tooling will be provided at no charge for qualified orders.

Distributors and sale representatives are utilized as a channel to market. Local contacts can be found on

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