New HR6S Safety Relay Modules Incorporate a Microcomputer

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  • Maintainability and convenience are aided by multiple LEDs with steady and/or flashing colored lights
  • Can output 20 different indications of operational status, errors and alerts
  • Supports a wide variety of connections, input devices and operating modes

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New IDEC HR6S Safety Relay Module Includes Built-in IoT Connectivity and Diagnostics

Module provides enhanced Safety Category 1, 3, and 4 functionalities, with microcomputer-based diagnostics bringing IoT connectivity to industrial safety applications.

IDEC Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, February 9, 2021 — IDEC Corporation announces the release of its new HR6S safety relay module. This microcomputer-based device supports a wide variety of connections, input devices, and operating modes—and adds convenient diagnostic and status monitoring important for the growing number of manufacturing sites relying on important internet of things (IoT) data.

Usable with Safety Category 1, 3, and 4 Applications

Safety relays are crucial for monitoring safety-related inputs, and for protecting both machines and operators by enabling equipment via outputs only when normal and safe conditions are confirmed. But traditional hardwired safety relays have limited functionality, leading many to search for upgraded solutions.

The adaptable HR6S safety relay module is designed to meet ISO 13849 requirements, with one model for low-risk Safety Category 1 applications, and six models suitable high-risk Safety Category 3 and 4 processes requiring redundancy. Up to eight different start modes are dial-selectable, including options for manual and automatic start, providing extensive flexibility. Certain models have adjustable off-delays, and all use a compact DIN-mountable form factor. An expansion module is available to expand the number of safety outputs.

Depending on the model, up to seven types of input devices are dial-selectable, including emergency stop switches, two-handed switches, pressure-sensitive devices, and other types of interlock switches. Terminations are arranged intuitively, with terminal blocks available as push-in or screw type to meet any user need, and both styles are removeable for easy serviceability.

Comprehensive Visibility and Information

Maintainability and convenience are aided by multiple LEDs with steady and/or flashing colored lights indicating various conditions such as power, error, operating state, and more. Users can quickly check the status on-site, identifying any issues so immediate action can be taken.

While the majority of relay modules on the market have no remote connectivity options, the new HR6S safety relay modules incorporate a microcomputer so they can output 20 different indications of operational status, errors, and alerts. This unique capability enables supervisory control systems and IoT platforms to perform visualization, diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and other analytics. These signals are transmitted using a pulse signal to encode the information so it can be interpreted by a standard PLC input module using ladder logic.

Keeps Production Online Safely

The HR6S safety relay module family simplifies the task of Safety Category 1, 3, and 4 equipment safety design, and delivers extensive IoT data to keep production online and improve worker safety. Soon, the HR5S safety relay module will be released to meet Category 2 requirements. With these two modules, IDEC becomes the only supplier in the world able to supply safety relay modules for all applications ranging from Safety Category 1 through Category 4.

As with all its products, IDEC offers free tech support for the HR6S, with no service or support contract required. For complete specifications or additional information, please contact IDEC Corporation at 800-262-IDEC (4332), or visit us online at .

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