New Grades of Meldin® Polyimide Materials

The Polymer Products Business of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has recently
developed a grade of Meldin® materials for highly demanding applications in which
metal and other materials will not perform adequately. Applications include thrust
washers, sealing rings, bearings, and fork pads. The Meldin® 3100 series offers
4 tribological grades that satisfy application needs of high velocity or high pressure
conditions, with either hard or soft mating surfaces. The Meldin® 3100 series materials can operate in temperature environments of 450º F continuously and can exhibit excellent heat dissipation properties. The Meldin® 3110 grade exhibits
excellent wear/friction properties, even at elevated temperatures, has a dynamic
coefficient of friction value of 0.12 based on test conditions, with no lubrication.

For more information on Meldin® 3100 series materials call us at 1- 800-223-4966
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