New FIPA Needle Grippers: Grip Textiles, Felts and Materials Delicately

FIPA relies on compatible components and solutions. The product range is modified constantly in direct consultation with customers - and supplemented, if necessary, to meet the requirements, and "in the case of the needle gripper, as a matter of fact, by six new models", reports the FIPA President and Owner Mr Rainer Mehrer.

The FIPA Needle Grippers at a glance

They provide a delicate and firm grip and high production rates along with low down times. In addition, each design has special strengths for various areas of application:

The needle gripper, NG, can adapt itself to different fabric thicknesses, while maintaining short cycle times, the NHA model has a flat piercing angle for gripping thin components. The NHK and NHP varieties have needles that can be replaced individually, and a center borehole for insertion into rails or positioning pins - the small design of the NHL model enables gripping of textiles from the border.

NHS needle grippers, in turn, can lift thick and heavy items using thick needles and a large needle stroke, whereas the NHT model is best suited to handle thin materials. Two needle plates that can be replaced independently are a characteristic feature of both types.

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