New Dynamic IVR Solutions Allow User to Design Customizes Multi-Level Menus

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Ecosmob Dynamic IVR Solutions is enable user to fine tune the responses according to customer experience and feedbacks. The IVR can be connected to backend CRM and phone directory and can be customized with features such as scheduling, recording and specification of time zones. The dynamic IVR with AI minimizes wait times for customers by optimally routing the calls among employees. Solution allows the administrator to configure the menu and add nodes in the tree logic for increasing the flexibility.

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Ecosmob Offers IVR Solution for Enterprise Business Processes

Each type of enterprise needs an IVR solution that matches its specific operations. Ecosmob’s dynamic IVR solutions customized for businesses are the right answer.

Ecosmob, globally acclaimed VoIP solutions providers, announced custom IVR solutions for enterprise business processes. Fine tuned IVRs do away with caller frustrations and help deliver better customer satisfaction.

Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said that offering a great customer experience is of prime importance and businesses need to have a custom IVR solution in place that deliver precisely what is expected. The IVR must fit the enterprise and its method of working rather than the other way around. The dynamic IVR solution from Ecosmob is customizable to a high degree with the help of an easy to use graphical interface.

The dynamic IVR builder has several features that help to adapt the solution to enterprise business processes. One can design customized multi-level menus, fine tuning the responses according to customer experience and feedbacks. It is possible to include scheduling and recording as well as specify time zone support. The customized and flexible IVR can connect with backend CRM and a phone directory. Besides, there is support for DID numbers and for recorded message and script. Dynamic IVR with a measure of AI routes calls intelligently and reduces wait times for customers besides improving workload distribution among employees. Administrators can easily configure the menu in real time without calling for assistance from the solution provider when a dynamic IVR is in place. It is possible to add as many nodes in the tree logic and derive greater flexibility.

The normal practice is for various industry segments to obtain IVRs tailored to their business model with a fixed set of options. These can prove frustrating and counterproductive and changes can be expensive. Dynamic IVR builder overcomes all the negative aspects and even when the solution is in place it can be modified further. A customized solution offers better cost efficiency and this improves even more when a dynamic solution is in place. Callers get a satisfactory experience because wait or hold times reduce and agents can efficiently handle calls.

Ecosmob offers tailored IVR solutions for various business processes with inherent flexibility of further fine tuning. It is what an ideal IVR should be like.

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