New ctrlX AUTOMATION Platform Helps to Create Open and Scalable System

Press Release Summary:

  • Includes high-performance control systems, compact drives, industrial PCs, safety solutions, I/O modules and HMIs
  • Offers web-based engineering, intuitive operation and reduced component outlay
  • Uses ctrlX WORKS software and ctrlX CORE multicore technology

Original Press Release:

Completely New Avenues in Automation

The increasing digitalization and connectivity in factories is redefining the requirements as regards automation. Although they are still commonplace, rigid, complex automation systems no longer fit in today’s factories and are being replaced. With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth is exploring completely new avenues and is bringing together control technologies, IT and the IoT to create an open, scalable system.

The ctrlX AUTOMATION platform makes it possible to bring together existing systems and set up new ones. The solution is based on a completely new software and engineering approach and means a complete departure from proprietary structures and systems. After all, Bosch Rexroth is relying on an open software architecture with flexible app technology and is allowing users to work in a wide range of IT programming languages.

The automation platform includes all necessary software and hardware components for complete system solutions: high-performance control systems, compact drives, industrial PCs, safety solutions, I/O modules and HMIs. The software flexibly takes over all tasks – from simple handling applications to high-performance motion control.

ctrlX AUTOMATION stands out with its straightforward web-based engineering, intuitive operation and reduced component outlay. This allows completely new degrees of freedom for users, forms the basis for new business models and offers great potential for savings.

ctrlX WORKS is the software and engineering toolbox for ctrlX AUTOMATION. It is synonymous with simple app-based engineering and saves machine manufacturers effort and costs.

  • Wide range of software and programming tools, free choice of programming language
  • Unrestricted expandability through apps
  • Simple integration of own and third-party software
  • Web-based engineering
  • Virtual testing without hardware

ctrlX CORE
ctrlX CORE is the multicore technology for ctrlX AUTOMATION. The modular, compact control system is suitable for any automation application. With its open design, it offers users totally new degrees of freedom when setting up functions.

  • Future-proof design with multicore CPU performance, ample memory and RAM, modular expandability with performance and interface modules
  • Flexible and open platform: app-based on Linux Ubuntu core, ready for integration into the EtherCAT ecosystem
  • Software scalability with apps from the ctrlX WORKS software toolbox
  • Available as an embedded version or in IPC and drive
  • Remote access and updates via the ctrlX Device Portal

ctrlX PLC
With its high performance and minimal hardware variance, the ctrlX PLC control solution is ideal for cost-effective projects and also reduces logistics costs. The free choice of programming language also helps to shorten the induction phase and reduce the engineering time. Whether the system is drive-based, embedded, in the IPC, on the server or in the cloud – it can be used flexibly.

  • Openness and standards eliminate hardware dependencies
  • Integrating your own applications allows you to use your own know-how
  • Savings on logistics, hardware and assembly costs

ctrlX MOTION is a complete, open automation system for machine manufacturers which reduces time-to-market by at least 30% and provides a technological advantage. Machine users can thus significantly increase their productivity.

  • The most compact motion control solution can be used for a host of applications
  • Open and secure software architecture based on the very latest app technology for effectively integrating specific functions
  • ctrlX DRIVE can be synchronized in microseconds and with nanometer precision for maximum process reliability

ctrlX IOT
The IoT makes it possible to obtain information more quickly and use this information to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With previous automation components, there were limits and obstacles here. Thanks to the complete integration of ctrlX IOT, these no longer exist. The benefits include cost savings by minimizing the engineering outlay for the data connection.

  • Maximum flexibility for integrating data into existing IT production systems with no programming and with a wide range of direct connection options
  • IPC and VPN router hardware is reduced significantly in one control platform
  • Maximum production capacity and future viability thanks to non-reactive updates during the production process

ctrlX I/O
The ctrlX I/O portfolio is designed for horizontal and vertical integration and represents a functional extension of the ctrlX CORE control platform. In the future, there will be comprehensive communication, performance extension and I/O modules geared to future technologies such as 5G, TSN and AI.

  • Compact I/O function portfolio: 12 mm width
  • Can be expanded flexibly, wide range of performance functions
  • Intuitive selection, tool-free assembly
  • EtherCAT connection to the machine control level and real-time-capable data processing
  • Allows greater flexibility and future viability

ctrlX HMI
ctrlX HMI offers a tailored hardware and software solution for all automation projects in various applications. Thanks to the integrated web server, users are given all important information for their machines on the high-performance displays.

  • Scalable portfolio – from the web panel to the industrial PC with web-based HMI solution
  • HMI toolbox for efficient screen development and the easy integration of intelligent devices
  • “Out of the box” screens for standard tasks, toolbox with pre-programmed widgets and HMI control systems as well as high-performance technology screens
  • Intuitive multi-touch operation

ctrlX IPC
ctrlX IPC is an IPC portfolio which is scalable in terms of performance, size and options. It can be anything from an entry-level solution to a high-end application for various performance requirements. The new IPCs offer maximum flexibility for all performance ranges – from IPC with an operating system to the ctrlX CORE industrial control platform.

  • High performance and openness with Windows 10 IoT or Linux operating system
  • The very latest hardware with security-by-design integrated TPM chip and high-performance graphics cards for demanding visualization and simulations
  • Integration of the ctrlX CORE industrial control platform

ctrlX DRIVE is a compact, modular and flexible drive system from Bosch Rexroth. With space savings of up to 50% and high degrees of software freedom, it sets new standards in the area of automation technology.

  • The world’s most compact modular drive system.
  • Converters, single and dual-axis inverters, power and regenerative supply units with peak power ratings of up to 260 kW
  • Space-saving dimensions, control functions can be integrated into the drive
  • Maximum scalability
  • High energy efficiency

ctrlX SAFETY is the fastest and most compact safety solution on the automation market. The reaction time of safety solutions allows a more compact design and maximum safety during production.

  • Scalable: From the ctrlX DRIVE drive-integrated solution with SafeMotion to the complete ctrlX SAFETY control solution
  • Efficient engineering thanks to graphical programming
  • Compact design and flexible use
  • Fastest reaction times

ctrlX SERVICES play a key role in the ecosystem surrounding the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform. Among other things, it comprises the following:

  • ctrlX App Store for downloading individual items of software
  • ctrlX Device Portal for the straightforward and central management of control systems
  • ctrlX AUTOMATION Community with numerous functions such as support, know-how transfer and further training
  • Service promise: servicing available for 25 years

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