New Compact Dual Lane 90 Degree Case Turner Measures 5 Feet Long End-To-End

Press Release Summary:

  • Rotates and align single lane filled cases and quickly transfer onto an existing case sealer
  • Left and right lane belts can be adjusted to run at same speed when product turns are not required or straight line conveyance is preferred
  • Stainless steel, wash down system includes visual alarm horn and beacon stack, along with push button controls

Original Press Release:

Compact Dual Lane 90° Case and Product Rotation

But it doesn’t stop there.

Multi-Conveyor (Winneconne, WI) - Multi-Conveyor recently built this cost-effective, compact dual lane 90° case turner to rotate and align single lane filled cases that quickly transfer onto an existing case sealer. The stainless steel, wash down system is only 5 feet long end-to-end. Very cool.

The belt on the left will run significantly faster than the belt to the right, causing the case to turn. We’ve slowed down this action in the video to capture the rotation process motion. The first single belt is running faster to provide an adequate gap between products to ensure turning without products colliding. 

Conversely, we’ve sped up the belt on the left as you will also see in the video, beyond this application's designated line speed, to show that you are not limited to only 90-degree rotation. 

When we dial back the faster belt, the left lane can be adjusted to run at the same speed as the belt to the right when product turns are not required or straight line conveyance is preferred.

This particular system called for a visual alarm horn and beacon stack, along with push button controls for operator interface, E-Stop, Reset, Start and Stop. 

Multi-Conveyor has built many dual belt product turner configurations. We typically use Intralox flush grid and friction top grid belting at speeds that are set by trial test runs to achieve ultimate turning radius outcomes based on various product sizes and weights. For instance one belt may be at 60 fpm and the other at 40 fpm. 

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