New CHEMEON eTCP Coating Available for Aluminum Alloys and Light Metals

Press Release Summary:

  • Offers distinct color for visual verification of coated and protected parts
  • Provides one-step corrosion protection and adhesion performance
  • Ideal for global aerospace, military, prime contractors and commercial metal finishers

Original Press Release:

CHEMEON eTCPâ„¢ Distinct Color Trivalent Available Worldwide

Power of Protection You Can See™ @ Sur/Fin 2019 in Booth #1118

Chicago, June 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CHEMEON® Surface Technology, a global leader in Trivalent Chrome products, announces the availability of CHEMEON eTCP conversion coating and anodic seal that provides a distinct color for visual verification that your parts are coated and protected.

The patent pending CHEMEON eTCP chemistry provides one-step superior corrosion protection and adhesion performance that exceeds MIL-DTL-5541 and MIL-DTL-81706 for immersion, spray, brush and touch up pen.

"One look and you know your parts are protected."

Dr. Madylon Meiling, CEO of CHEMEON said, "CHEMEON eTCP represents the evolution of trivalent chromium pretreatments by replacing the known carcinogen hexavalent chrome and its identifiable yellow/gold hue with the violet to blue hues of CHEMEON eTCP. We developed the CHEMEON eTCP technology as a safe, non-carcinogenic trivalent chromium conversion coating and anodic seal to meet the needs of global Aerospace, Military, Prime Contractors, and commercial Metal Finishers. One look and you know that your parts are protected."

CHEMEON eTCP RTU (ready-to-use liquid)


CHEMEON eTCP Concentrate


CHEMEON eTCP is on display at SURFIN 2019 in Booth 1118.  CHEMEON eTCP was first presented via poster and discussion at the 2018 ASETSDefense Conference on sustainable surface engineering for aerospace and defense.  

The Power of Protection You Can See™ is now a reality with CHEMEON eTCP, available for all aluminum alloys and other light metals. 

If you need visual verification that your parts are protected to MIL-SPEC parameters for Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) contact to schedule free part testing and samples of CHEMEON eTCP. Visit

About CHEMEON Surface Technology

CHEMEON Surface Technology is a global leader in advanced, environmentally responsible, surface engineering solutions. CHEMEON is licensed by the US Navy to manufacture and provide MIL-SPEC QPL Trivalent Chromium Pre- Treatment; CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hex Free), CHEMEON TCP-HF EPA (Extended Protection Additive), CHEMEON TCP-HF SP (Spray) and CHEMEON TCP-HF Touch Up Pen. CHEMEON's patented and proprietary chemistries include: Military Grade CHEMEON TCP-NP (NoPrep) and patented zero chrome CHEMEON 0CP- 6800, in addition to CHEMEON eTCP. CHEMEON also provides a full line of anodizing pre and post treatments, additives, dyes, custom R&D, consulting and university level training.

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